River Valley Civilizations

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River Valley Civilizations by Mind Map: River Valley Civilizations

1. Large cities began in 3000 B.C.

2. The basic structure of Zhou central government is said to be described in the Confucian Classic Zhouli.

3. Religion

3.1. Sumerians

3.1.1. They worshiped many gods.

3.1.2. Those gods controlled all natural forces.

3.1.3. God protected each city-state.

3.1.4. Sumerians built temples to give offerings to gods.

3.2. Shang-Zhou

3.2.1. Shangs believed in afterlife

3.2.2. The religion was based on ancestor worship. they offered gifts to their deceased ancestors for example:they prepared ritual meals with their ancestors in mind.The family ate the food but the steam was believed to nurish the ancestors spirit

3.2.3. The Shangs often asked their ancestors for advice

3.2.4. They would ask their ancestors questions by carving it into animal bones

4. Geography and Agriculture

4.1. Sumerians

4.1.1. Began making structure out of mud bricks.

4.1.2. Built massive walls around the cities for defence.

4.1.3. Formed a political unit with their own government.

4.2. Shang-Zhou

4.2.1. Developed over valleys

4.2.2. Two major rivers supplied water for China's earliest civilizations, the Yangtze and the Huang He River

4.2.3. Economy based on agriculture, required many peasants and lots of work

4.2.4. Along Huang He River, people grew millet in the rich soil, and along the Yangtze rice was grown and a great deal of fishing took place

5. Arts and Education

5.1. Shang-Zhou

5.1.1. Bronze casting techniques allowed for the making of musical instruments for the shangs

5.1.2. musical instruments of Shang Zhou included:Xun, drums, and copper cymbols

5.1.3. The sun, moon, river and sacrifice ceremonies were usually grand events

5.1.4. Shang Dynasty writing characteristics were considered the oldest Chinese written form for communication

5.2. Sumerians

5.2.1. Developed a new way of writing using styluses and clay tablets.

5.2.2. Developed a math system based on the number 60.

5.2.3. Learned a way of geometry in that discovery they built an irrigation system.

5.2.4. Schools were taught by priest and preformed in temples.

6. Social Structure and Family Life

6.1. Shang-Zhou

6.1.1. They farmed around 1766 BC, or later

6.1.2. They had elite freetime to spend in pursuit of leisure activities such as hunting for a sport

6.1.3. They would collect expensive objects as a past time

6.1.4. Zhou Dynasty is defined by a unique social hierarchy, standardized spoken language, and lengthy time of reign.

6.2. Sumerians

6.2.1. Priest held the highest status.

6.2.2. City-states battled for dominance.

6.2.3. Sumerians formed ceremonies for their gods.

6.2.4. They had a dynasty ( a series of rulers in one family).

7. Invented the wheel and the plow for more efficient farming and art

8. Government and Leaders

8.1. Sumerians

8.1.1. Leaders often were war chiefs, held high status from conquering other city-states

8.1.2. Eventually Leaders of Government became kings, the kings were often called "God's Representatives."

8.1.3. Over time, The kings' city-states formed powerful dynasties

8.1.4. Kings led armies, constructed the buildings

8.2. Shang/Zhou

8.2.1. The principle stated that the gods would support them

8.2.2. They had a just ruler but they would not allow anyone corrupt to hold the power

8.2.3. Made only trustworthy people allowed to get land.

8.2.4. Shang were overthrown because they had lost their god's favor

9. Economy and Trade

9.1. Shang-Zhou

9.1.1. Fishing became an industry for the Shangs as people started fishing in the fresh waters Trade

9.1.2. In the handicraft industry, they worked making different crafts and making them in large amounts

9.1.3. An advancement was made in the Shang Zhou industries when they started making things with bronze

9.1.4. The most famous bronze work was the Simuwu Quadripod, it weighs 832.84 kg

9.2. Sumerians

9.2.1. Sumerian economy was based around agriculture, which was influenced by major technological inventions in history

9.2.2. Slaves were present in economy, however were not a major part

9.2.3. Sumerians lacked many raw materials, causing them to trade with other civilizations

9.2.4. Stamping seals on legal documents became official as they traded

10. Science

10.1. Shang-Zhou

10.1.1. Chinese writing was developed closely tied to the use of oracle bones

10.1.2. They had great advances in working with bronze

10.1.3. They were able to build huge, stable structures such as tombs

10.1.4. healing methods like acupuncture and moxibustion.

10.2. Sumerians

10.2.1. Sumerians had three main types of boats;  Skin Boats- Made of animal skins and reeds    Sailboats- had bitumen waterproofing                 Wooden ships- along with oars for rowing

10.2.2. Sumerians were among the first to preform Medical surgeries, had fees and schedules for the sick.

10.2.3. Sumerians were among the first formal astronomers