7 aspects of civilizations

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7 aspects of civilizations by Mind Map: 7 aspects of civilizations

1. Government and Leaders

1.1. Sumerians

1.1.1. Priest held a higher status in Sumer

1.1.2. War chiefs began to rule as kings

1.1.3. Kings formed to dynasties

1.1.4. Dynasty is a series of rulers from one family

1.2. Shang/Zhou

1.2.1. Fu Xi is said to have introduced civilization to china.

1.2.2. The Shang Dynasty ruled with a strong monarchy.

1.2.3. Shang Kings had a court who advised him.

1.2.4. The Shang Kings Had Govenors around the kingdom

2. Economy and Trade

2.1. Sumerians

2.1.1. lacked raw material such as wood and metals

2.1.2. sumerians obtained many materials for bulding

2.1.3. they used art to tell stories about life and used it for relgion

2.1.4. they got materials such as timber, metal and stone

2.2. Shang/Zhou

2.2.1. The Shang created the first for of money

2.2.2. Their Economic way were mainly agriculural

2.2.3. Traded their treasures that created

2.2.4. Had an advanced military force

3. Science

3.1. Shang/Zhou

3.1.1. They learned to make shackles and chains

3.1.2. Made crypts for their dead kings

3.1.3. They Learned to make spears for their soldiers

3.1.4. Learned to Treat bronze and Jade

3.2. Sumerians

3.2.1. invented the plow to help people to farm

3.2.2. invented the wheel to help move things around

3.2.3. learned how to use bronze for tools

3.2.4. they had knowledge about medicine

4. Religion

4.1. Sumerians

4.1.1. religion shaped the life in the city

4.1.2. thought gods were humans too

4.1.3. practiced Polytheism

4.1.4. believed gods controlled all natural forces

4.2. Shang/Zhou

4.2.1. Made treasures and buried them with their ruler so he has wealth in the afterlife

4.2.2. Sacrificed POWs so they served their ruler in the afterlife

4.2.3. Made meals for their ancestors

4.2.4. They believed stems from plants nourished their ancestors spirits

5. Geography and agriculture

5.1. Sumerians

5.1.1. People were farming in southern mesopotamia

5.1.2. The flat swampy region was well suited for farming

5.1.3. They developed ways to store water

5.1.4. If water levels went to low all there crops  would die

5.2. Shang/Zhou

5.2.1. Used the Huang He River as a water source

5.2.2. Used the Yangzi River as a starting point

5.2.3. East China was covered in fertile soil

5.2.4. North of the Huang He the soil was suitable for what and mullet

6. Arts and Education

6.1. Sumarians

6.1.1. Ruin artifacts provide us with sumerians artistry and creativity

6.1.2. they made arched ramps and colums

6.1.3. sumerians developed math based on the number 60

6.1.4. writing was called cuneiform

6.2. Shang/Zhou

6.2.1. Found out how to make armour

6.2.2. found out how to make steel weaponns

6.2.3. Shand Dynasty made their first way of language

6.2.4. The early Shang dynasty people used symbols to represent what they are saying

7. Social Structure and Family Life

7.1. Sumarians

7.1.1. Sumer men and women developed distinct roles

7.1.2. few upper class women received education

7.1.3. men held political power over the women

7.1.4. women took care of the children and the house

7.2. Shang/Zhou

7.2.1. The Nobles hunted for sport

7.2.2. Most people farmed all day long

7.2.3. Civilians sometimes were called to fight or build

7.2.4. Mainly a agircultural society