Overview of all TEDx SanFrancisco Sessions on the 6th of October 2016.

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Sessions by Mind Map: Sessions

1. Session 4: Can we handle the truth about our health?

1.1. Hiplet Ballerinas

1.1.1. Live performance

1.2. Peter Gabriel

1.2.1. Video message

1.3. Eric Topol

1.3.1. The great inversion of medicine

1.4. Udi Manber

1.4.1. Healthcare as an information business

1.5. Anthony Iton

1.5.1. Change the odds for health

1.6. Dominique Crenn

1.6.1. Interview

1.7. Rachel Haurwitz

1.7.1. CRISPR: Editing our genetic instructions

1.8. Preston Estep

1.8.1. Maximizing Mindspan

2. Session 3: Can we change reality?

2.1. Ariel Waldman

2.1.1. The Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy

2.2. Tristan Harris

2.2.1. How do you see what you can't see?

2.3. Hiplet Ballerinas

2.3.1. Live performance

2.4. Ashok Goel

2.4.1. A Teacher's Assistant named Jill Watson

2.5. Mary Lou Jepsen

2.5.1. The Science of Visible Thought and Our Translucent Selves

2.6. Indre Viskontas

2.6.1. How neuroscience made me a better singer

3. Session 1: What do entrepreneurs see that others don't?

3.1. Tim O'Reilly

3.1.1. Why We'll Never Run Out of Jobs

3.2. Theresia Gouw

3.2.1. How entrepreneurs can help the American Dream get its mojo back

3.3. Michael Zeisser

3.3.1. East and West: building the bridge

3.4. Stanley Li

3.4.1. Winning in China, a different world

3.5. Kara Swisher

3.5.1. Breaking up is hard to do: how entrepreneurs fail

3.6. Homer Hans Bryant

3.6.1. The Hiplet™ Ballerinas, the ballet disruptor

3.7. Hiplet Ballerinas

3.7.1. Live performance

4. Session 2: Is the blockchain just another revolution?

4.1. Gregory Dawson

4.1.1. Live performance

4.2. Alex Tapscott

4.2.1. The Blockchain revolution

4.3. Kathryn Haun

4.3.1. Using the Blockchain to combat government fraud and waste

4.4. Juan Benet

4.4.1. The Next Internet Revolution

4.5. Brett Red

4.5.1. The future of sharing ideas

4.6. Serban Porumbescu

4.6.1. The future of sharing ideas