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Sessions by Mind Map: Sessions
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Session 4: Can we handle the truth about our health?

Hiplet Ballerinas

Peter Gabriel

Eric Topol

Udi Manber

Anthony Iton

Dominique Crenn

Rachel Haurwitz

Preston Estep

Session 3: Can we change reality?

Ariel Waldman

Tristan Harris

Hiplet Ballerinas

Ashok Goel

Mary Lou Jepsen

Indre Viskontas

Session 1: What do entrepreneurs see that others don't?

Tim O'Reilly

Theresia Gouw

Michael Zeisser

Stanley Li

Kara Swisher

Homer Hans Bryant

Hiplet Ballerinas

Session 2: Is the blockchain just another revolution?

Gregory Dawson

Alex Tapscott

Kathryn Haun

Juan Benet

Brett Red

Serban Porumbescu