The University of Blossom's key equity and access stakeholders

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The University of Blossom's key equity and access stakeholders by Mind Map: The University of Blossom's key equity and access stakeholders

1. clients and customers

1.1. staff (general, academic and research)

1.2. students

1.2.1. current relevant clubs and associations students of colour and visible minorities international students refugee background students students with disabilities female students indigenous students LGBTQI+ students

1.2.2. future

1.2.3. alumni

1.3. industry and professional bodies

1.4. community (regional, national, international)

2. service providers

2.1. Devision of Student Services

2.1.1. Accessibility (disability) Services

2.1.2. International Education

2.1.3. Campus Services Residence Life Student Life Orientation and Student transitions Facilities and Campus Planning

2.1.4. Indigenous Education

2.2. Division of Marketing

2.3. University Ombudsman/Human Rights Office

3. external partners and influencers

3.1. regulatory bodies

3.1.1. legal compliance e.g. Employment Equity Act

3.1.2. advocacy agencies

3.2. media

3.3. government

3.3.1. federal

3.3.2. provincial

3.3.3. local council

3.4. stewardship and donner relations

3.5. local First Nations bands and councils

4. governance and management

4.1. Board of Governers

4.1.1. committees and steering groups

4.1.2. Senior Leadership Associate Dean of Students Vice President University Advancement Vice President Administration Division of Human Resources

4.2. Faculty Deans and Department Heads

4.2.1. Faculty members who specialize in equity and access (e.g. feminism, critical race theory, etc.)

5. internal partners and influencers

5.1. student union and representation groups

5.1.1. UoB Students' Association related equity and access student representation groups

5.1.2. faculty and staff unions equity and access committees (e.g. women's caucuses & LGBTIA+)