River Civilizations Mindmap

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River Civilizations Mindmap by Mind Map: River Civilizations Mindmap

1. Arts & Education

1.1. Shang/Zhou

1.1.1. The development of Chinese writing was closely tied to the use of oracle bones.

1.1.2. Because of religion, advances in working with bronze helped artists create bronze vessels and objects.

1.1.3. Started teaching basic writing

1.1.4. Their art was very connected to their religion everything they  had with art was connected.

1.2. Sumerians

1.3. Sumerian writing is called cuneiform. To produce this writing, Sumerians used sharp tools called styluses to make wedge-shaped symbols on clay tablets

1.4. Over time, Sumerians used cuneiform to write law, grammar, and forms of literature such as stories, poems, and songs.

1.5. Becoming a scribe took years of schooling, but helped you move up in social class.

1.6. Sumerians created the first formal education system.

2. Social Structure & Family

2.1. Sumerians

2.1.1. Sumerians lived with a distinct social heirarchy. It went in order from Kings to Priests to large landowners to the majority of Sumerians which were artisians, farmers, and laborers. At the bottom were slaves.

2.1.2. Gender roles were created, with men holding political power and made laws while women took care of the children and house.

2.1.3. A woman in the upper class has considerable freedom

2.1.4. A man could sell his wife and children into slavery.

2.2. Shang/Zhou

2.2.1. China was ruled by a strong monarchy

2.2.2. Most people spent time tending to crops, some fighting in the army or working on building projects.

2.2.3. The Shang ruling elite had free time to spend in pursuit of leisure activities like hunting for sport.

2.2.4. For both rich and poor, family was always important.

3. Science

3.1. Sumerians

3.2. Developed a math system based in the number 60

3.3. used geometry which was necessary to build elebrate structures and irrigation systems

3.4. Made the wheel and developed writing

3.5. started to collect and catalogue information and surgeries and performing basic ones

3.6. Shang Zhou

3.7. contains records about solar and lunar stars

3.8. Great advances in astronomy

3.9. Calendar system advances

3.10. advances in math; had about elementary math

4. Government and leaders

4.1. Sumerians

4.2. Created a permanent army

4.3. empire lasted 140 years

4.4. Started an empire through army

4.5. sumerian civilization influenced life in mesopotamia

4.6. Shang and zhoy

4.7. Shang kings were surrounded by a court or gathering of wealthy nobles who performed rituals to strengthen the kingdom and help keep it safe

4.8. the king appointed governors to rule distant parts of the kingdom

4.9. SHang ruling had free time for hunting

4.10. Had army to prevent rebellion

5. Geography and Agriculture

5.1. Sumerians

5.1.1. Large cities appeared in Sumer by 3000 B.C.

5.1.2. Fields surrounded the city

5.1.3. As city-states grew, they increasingly fought over land and water

5.1.4. Sumer was in the middle of the Fertile Crescent

5.2. Shang/Zhou

5.2.1. China's first civilizations developed in river valleys

5.2.2. China was covered in fertile soil, but certain places were better suited for certain crops.

5.2.3. Much of China is covered with mountains, hills, and desert, which protects China from invasion

5.2.4. The Shang dynasty was formed along the Western bend of the Hwang He River.

6. religion

6.1. Sumerians

6.2. Practiced Polytheism; The worship of many gods

6.3. gods controlled all natural forces

6.4. dynasty is a series of rulers from one family

6.5. Belived in nat

6.6. Shang Zou

6.7. belief in  after life

6.8. ansester worship

6.9. believed in oracle bones; Inscribed bits of animal bone or of turtle shell

6.10. Servants were buried in tombs to serve the ruler in after life

7. Economy and Trade

7.1. sumerians

7.1.1. Traded with people across southwest Asian and beyond

7.1.2. a distinct social ranking developed

7.1.3. Men held political power and made laws while women developed distant roles

7.1.4. Developed first writing

7.2. Shang and Zhou

7.2.1. Started basic agriculture such as fishing in fresh water

7.2.2. Started craving jade and bronze many different industries of this started forming

7.2.3. Trade was the primary role of the community

7.2.4. Porcelain ware also became a big part of trading