Sounds And Genre

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Sounds And Genre by Mind Map: Sounds And Genre

1. Diagetic, Non-Diagetic, Foley are all different types of sounds that you would be able to find in a social realism film

1.1. What is a foley sound?

1.2. What is a diegetic sound?

1.3. What is a non-diegetic sound?

2. What is a foley sound?

2.1. A foley sound is a sound created in a studio

2.2. foley sounds are usually edited into films and can sometimes be classified as non diegetic sounds

2.3. Foley sounds are a reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film to enhance audio quality

2.4. Foley sounds can range from a squeaky door to breaking glass

3. What is a non-diegetic sound?

3.1. These sounds can be either music or foley sounds

3.2. A non-diegectic sound is anything that is edited into the film i sometime this can be mistake with a foley sound

4. What is a diegetic sound?

4.1. Social realism films you would expect to hear Diegetic sounds such as  arguments, swearing anything which is negative or looked down upon in society

4.2. We can identify diegetic sounds by the way the characters talk for example if they are talking formally or informally, if they have an accent or not, what is their word selection i.e vast range of vocabulary used while talking or just the basic street talk

4.3. Social realism films would usually include diegetic sounds such as shouting or arguments as usually the main part of social realism is negativity

5. Many tracks have become iconic to the social media genre

6. What would be expected to be heard in a social realism film would be arguments and a lot of swearing as social realism films usually focus on the negative part of society

6.1. When referred to  'the negative part of society' it means the current time period issues

7. Sounds can depend on what the mise- en- scene is

7.1. Mise-en-scene meaning anything that is in the scene for example clothing, sounds, setting anything that is seen or heard within the shot

7.2. If the mise-en-scene is about a gang member killing another member the sounds that are most likely to occur would be gun shots and screams for help maybe gene arguments

8. Non-diegetic sounds would have to be chose precisely to fit in with the theme and genre

8.1. Music that is included in a social realism film should be music that is in trend with the period of time

8.2. You can't feature a 2016 pop song when the film era is based in the 90s!

9. Some sounds could be edited in the video depending on the scene and example would be if a gun shot is required in a social realism film it would be edited in.