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Judaism by Mind Map: Judaism

1. Were did all strated

1.1. They appeared in Southwest Asia

1.2. It was between 1500 and 2000 BC

1.3. The hebrews are ancestors of the Israelites

1.4. The Hebrew Bible

1.4.1. Accounts by Hebrew Scribes

1.4.2. Is the old testament of the Christian Bible

1.4.3. Traces the beginnings of the Hebrews to Abraham

2. Abraham

2.1. God ordered for him to leave Mesopotamia

2.1.1. He settled in Canaan.

2.2. God promises

2.2.1. New land

2.2.2. His descendants will make a mighty nation

3. Egypt

3.1. People from Canaan settled in Egypt

3.1.1. They were scared of the Pharaoh The Pharaoh converted Hebrews into slaves

3.2. Egypt´s population grew

4. Exodus

4.1. In 1200s, God tells Mosses to lead his people out of Egypt

4.2. Hebrews thought it meant God watching over and protecting them because God loved them.

4.3. This story gives...

4.3.1. People hope

4.3.2. Inspiration through history and other religions

5. The ten commandments

5.1. 40 years had passed and they traveled through the desert.

5.1.1. They reached the mountain called Sinai God gives Moses 2 stone tablets with a code of moral laws. Accepting the Ten commandments They learned about Value of human life, self control, and justice. The Ten commandments are the center of their society.

6. The return to Canaan

6.1. The Israelites fought for land

6.1.1. They separated in 12 tribes

6.1.2. They lived in small communities with no central government. Each community selected a judge that was the leader of the community

7. United tribes

7.1. The Philistiness wanted to invade Isralities land

7.1.1. To defeat the Philistines they needed a single ruler The ruler was Saul Saul leaded the Israelites to the battle Become the first king of Israel He was not a strong king

8. King David

8.1. An outlaw and Shepard

8.2. Killed Goliath

8.3. He was respected because of his military skills.

8.4. Lived in the desert and gained people support.

8.5. Loved by people

8.6. Stablished the first capital of Israel, it was Jerusalem

9. King Solomon

9.1. King of king David

9.2. He became King in 965 BC

9.3. Made Egypt an Ally

9.4. He expanded the Kingdom

9.5. Israel becomes rich through trade

9.6. Builded a temple in Jerusalem to God

9.6.1. It was the center of Israelites life and symbol of their faith.

10. Invaders conquer and rule

10.1. Solomon dies around 930 BC

10.2. Revolts breakout over who should be king

10.3. It makes Israel to separate

10.3.1. Split in 2 Kingdoms Israel The Assyrians defeat Israel around 722BC Juadah Judah is defeated by the Chaldeans

11. The dispersal of the Jew

11.1. The Chaldeans captured Jerusalem and destroyed Solomon´s temple.

11.2. Jews became slaves of the Chaldeans

11.2.1. called the Babylonian Captivity

11.2.2. Takes 50 years

11.3. The Chaldeans let the jews to return to Jerusalem 530s BC

11.3.1. Some moved to other parts Diaspora

11.3.2. The ones that came back rebuilt the temple of Solomon The second temple

12. The independence of the Jews and the conquest

12.1. In 160s, The Maccabees leed the revolt agains the foreing rule.

12.2. Jew are conquered by the Romans in 63BC

12.2.1. Big amount of taxes

12.2.2. High priest became leaders of temple

12.2.3. Forced to worship of the Roman Emperor

13. Jews and Israelite Society

13.1. Woman

13.1.1. Obey father and husband

13.1.2. Cannot choose her husband Chose by father

13.1.3. Couldn’t inherit property unless she had no brothers

13.2. Influential womans

13.2.1. Judge Deborah

13.2.2. Queen Esther

13.2.3. Miriam

13.2.4. Ruth

14. Centrals beliefs

14.1. Belief in education

14.1.1. The older boys could go to school to know the basic of Judaism.

14.1.2. Now a days Both genders can go to school

14.2. Belief in one God

14.2.1. YHWH Was the name of the Hebrew God Cannot be told by Hebrews Because it was too holy.

14.2.2. Monotheism Is the believing of 1 God The hebrews was one of the first religions to be Monotheistic It caused to separate from other societies They thought that God guided their history through Abraham, Moses, and other leaders.

14.3. Belief in Justice and Righteousness

14.3.1. That meant to be Kind and fair

14.3.2. They had to give AID for those who needed

14.3.3. Be fair in business dealings

14.3.4. Doing what is proper


15.1. The most important, the 10 commandments

15.2. Believed that God gave Mosses a tablet of moral laws to obey

15.2.1. Governs people of how to celebrate a holiday

15.2.2. Sabbath To rest on the 7 day of the week because God created the world in 6 days and rested in the last one.

15.2.3. Kosher food

15.3. Types of Jews

15.3.1. Orthodox Jews Strictly follow the Mosaic law

15.3.2. Reform Jews Not to follow the Mosaic Laws

15.3.3. Conservative Jews Both of the groups

16. The Hebrews Texts

16.1. Torah

16.1.1. Most sacred text

16.1.2. 5 books compelling laws of ancient Hebrews

16.1.3. Daily life is around the Torah

16.1.4. Cannot be touched

16.1.5. First 3 books written with hebrew bible information

16.1.6. At least 1 book of the Torah is found in the Synagogue

16.2. Hebrew bible or tanakc

16.2.1. Is the 8 following books

16.2.2. Tells about messages from prophets

16.2.3. Final part out of 11 books and talks about Songs Proverbs Stories History Poetry

16.3. Commentaries

16.3.1. written by scholars to help understand the Torah and the Hebrew bible

16.3.2. Found in Talmud

16.3.3. A set commentaries every day

16.3.4. Written from 200 to 600 BC

16.4. Dead Sea Scrolls

16.4.1. Found a cave near the Dead Sea in 1947

16.4.2. Contains passages, commentaries, prayers, and letters from the Hebrew bible.

16.4.3. Written between 10 BC and 50 BC

17. Judaism and Later cultures.

17.1. jewish belief comes from the Basis of Christianity

17.2. Judaism Influenced Islam

17.2.1. Like the Hebrews, they thought they are decendants of Abraham

17.3. People still follow the 10 commandments

17.4. Charity is based on the Hebrews

17.5. Honoring the Sabbath also comes from the Jews.

18. Revolts against Rome

18.1. Zealots

18.1.1. They were the most rebellious jews

18.1.2. They believed jews just answered to God

18.1.3. Did not obey the Romans

18.1.4. Insisted to go against the Romans

18.2. The Jews revolt in 66 AD

18.2.1. Not successfull

18.2.2. Lasted 4 years

18.2.3. In 70 BC, The Romans burned the Second Temple

18.2.4. 1,000 Zealots blocked themselves through a wall called Masada

18.2.5. After 2 years, They died because they did not want to be Roman´s slaves

18.2.6. 1 Wall of the Second Temple still stand today and Jews go visit it every year.

19. Revolt results

19.1. Romans killed thousands of jews for punishments

19.2. A lot of Jews became slaves

19.3. They destroyed Jewish powers and took over Jerusalem.

19.4. People went to other parts of the Romans

20. Hanukkah

20.1. In December

20.2. Honors to the Second Temple

20.2.1. Wanted to celebrate the Victory of keeping their religion

20.2.2. To preform the ceremony they did not have enough oil but it burned for the 8 nights.

20.3. Is celebrated today with candles.