Joseph Stubbs

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Joseph Stubbs by Mind Map: Joseph Stubbs

1. Multiple Intelligence

1.1. High

1.1.1. Bodily Kinesthetic 17

1.1.2. Verbal Linguistic 17

1.1.3. Logical Mathematical 17

1.1.4. Intrapersonal 17

1.1.5. Interpersonal 19

1.2. Low

1.2.1. Visual Spatial 16

1.2.2. Musical 16

1.2.3. Naturalistic 15

2. Personality Spectrum

2.1. High

2.1.1. Thinker 30

2.1.2. Adventure 26

2.2. Low

2.2.1. Giver 26

2.2.2. Organizer 24

3. Interest

3.1. There are many things that interest me in this world. I am a very outdoors kind of person I don't watch much TV, I don't play video games very often at all, and I'm not that kid that cant stay off of their phone either, I am pretty interested in most things outdoors, when it comes to me career I know that I would really like to do something in agriculture or in construction. My grandfather owns both a cattle business and an electrical business.  have been working for both of them since I was fifteen, its what I've always done and it's what I want to do, unless I were to go big in baseball ten things might change a little bit.

4. Study Strategies

4.1. Verbal Linguistic- Read text; highlight selectively

4.2. Musical Rhythmic- Beat out rhythms with hand or stick while reciting concepts

4.3. Logical Mathematical- Develop systems and find patterns

4.4. Visual Spatial- Draw "think links" (mind maps)

4.5. Bodily Kinesthetic- Rewrite or retype notes to engage "muscle memory"

4.6. Intrapersonal- Study in quiet areas

4.7. Interpersonal- Study in a group

4.8. Naturalistic- Look for relationships among ideas, events, facts

5. Teaching Styles

5.1. I learn best through hands on activities, especially once I do something the right way. I like to do it over and over and over again

6. BE Learning Styles

6.1. Extravert 44%

6.2. Intuitive 28%

6.3. Feeling 6%

6.4. Judging 12%

7. Successful Intelligence

7.1. Analytical thinking, I scored a 36, I feel as if this is an area where I am very strong but there is room for improvement.

7.2. Creative thinking, this is my weakest area, I scored a 32, I feel as if there's lots of room for improvement here.

7.3. Practical thinking, this is the area where I am strongest, I scored a 40, I feel as if I am very strong here but as always there is room for improvement.

8. My Career Shines Interest

8.1. Construction and Building Inspector

8.2. Electrical Drafter

8.3. Crane and Tower Operator

8.4. Fire Inspector

9. Emotional Intelligence

9.1. I am very emotionally intellegent and strong. I perform very well under pressure, but it would help me if I would stop and think about what is going on around me during the day.

10. Values

10.1. I value many things in my life, my family, my friends, the things that I have and that have been given to me. But, I also value what kind of person someone is, I value hard work, dedication, and the will to better yourself, not only physically but mentally also. I value respect. Respect for other peoples belongings, other peoples business, other peoples relationships.