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IKEA by Mind Map: IKEA

1. Product

1.1. Furniture

1.2. Book


1.3. Game

1.4. Animation

1.5. Food

1.5.1. Drink

2. Technology

3. Markets

3.1. Sweden

3.2. Germany

3.3. US

3.3.1. Welcome Home

3.4. China

3.4.1. 100 homes makeover

3.4.2. Spring singles

3.4.3. Phone-less table

3.5. Taiwan

3.5.1. Ikea date series

3.5.2. IKEA - married couple

3.5.3. Makeover

3.5.4. 24h life of a sofa bed

3.5.5. Food/Cooking

3.5.6. Homecoming

3.5.7. Dreamspace

3.6. Singapore

3.6.1. Chinese New Year

3.7. Malaysia

3.7.1. Durability - Metod Kitchen

3.7.2. Family dinner

3.7.3. Max out Christmas

3.7.4. Makeover

3.7.5. Veggies

3.8. Canada

3.8.1. Moving day

4. Brand Philosophy

4.1. Swedishness

4.2. Functionality

4.3. Quality

4.4. Sustainability

4.5. Accessibility (price, e.g.)

4.6. Good Form

5. Consumer

5.1. Context

5.1.1. Time Contemporary Past

5.1.2. Space Sweden Northern & Western European countries Far East Asian countries (Korea, Japan, China) Middle Eastern countries

5.1.3. Demographic segments Kids Adults

5.1.4. Issues Limited space Clutter Drawer organizer Bookbeast Clothesbeast Toybeast Tidy Up! VALJE SERIE Diversity "IKEA: Long Live Diversity" SNS addiction Relax Scattered family members Online Wedding Every other week My Son Bättre skilsmässa åt alla “A better divorce for everyone” Gender role / image IKEA emoticon Isolation GRANNAR TILLSAMMANS - NEIGHBOURS TOGETHER

5.1.5. Activities play LATTJO ("Funny") collection cook "Homemade is Best" IKEA- In the kitchen Eat Spaghetti Slurping Contest Grow Raising kids

5.2. Community

6. Communication

6.1. Strategy

6.1.1. Consumer involvement Co-creation - prod. development IKEA Soft Toys 2015 Testimonials - prod. experience/testing IKEA: Kitchen Blind Test Experience - showrooms inside/outside IKEA stores Knowledge sharing - the IKEA community IKEA hacks UCC Cartoons

6.1.2. Narrative Products for storytelling LATTJO ("Funny") collection Product Poang chair Harte lamp PS 2014 Pendant lamp FJALLBERGET Chair Bed - Family Tree history Valentine's Day

6.1.3. Collaboration with other brands


6.1.5. How to videos; IKEA Ideas The art of organising: Toy storage Secrets of a stylist: How to make a cosy candle display Ikea kitchen installation in 6 minutes

6.2. Channels

6.2.1. Product

6.2.2. Showroom VR_color_selector

6.2.3. Interactive Web IKEA: Musical Shelves THE SMALLEST IKEA STORE IN THE WORLD Facebook - photo sharing Screen Playful IKEA ad in the subway of Stockholm

6.2.4. Catalog IKEA Bookbook The New IKEA Catalog App: Create Your Space Making the 2016 IKEA Catalog Ikea “Measuring Tape Catalog” Sustainable catalogue

6.2.5. Advertisement Print CF Outdoor Balcony 40th Anniversary Bus stop Billboard Train station Staircase

6.2.6. Promotional  Events IKEA Katalogarian - Popup-opera IKEA ART EVENT 2016 - Alla tycker om konst! - Everyone likes art!

6.2.7. Museum

6.3. Key messages

6.3.1. Accessible product & democratic design

6.3.2. Swedishness (in global  markets) Holidays Midsommar Christmas St. Knut's Day The Lucia Day Culture Swedish IKEA Ingredients “A Living Tradition”

6.3.3. Home & Life (Recently) Life history with IKEA "Family Tree"

6.3.4. Family & other relationships The Other Letter

6.3.5. (Swedish) solution to your problems New innovation makes assembly easier

6.3.6. Sustainability Climate change – Solution Forest positive 2020 VÄXER ("growing") Indoor gardening kit- hydroponics Solar panel Rechargeable battery

6.3.7. Social responsibility Unicef donation