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Microorganisms by Mind Map: Microorganisms

1. prokaryotes

1.1. Unicellular

1.2. No Nuclear membrane

1.3. Two Types

1.3.1. Archea Cell wall If present, lack peptidoglycan layer Three Types methanogens extreme halophiles extreme thermophiles

1.3.2. Bacteria Cell wall peptidoglycan layer Shape Bacillus Some are star or square shaped. Replication can form pairs, chains or clusters characteristic to a senus or species Binary fission Nutrition Mostly from organic materials Some use photosynthesis Some use inorganic materials Locomotion Flagella

2. Viruses

2.1. Very small

2.2. Acellular

2.3. Structure

2.3.1. Core DNA RNA

2.3.2. Protein coat

2.3.3. envelope( may be absent)

2.4. Reroduction

2.4.1. by using the cellular machinery of other organisms

2.4.2. remains inert outside living hosts

3. Eukaryotes

3.1. Fungi

3.1.1. Cell wall Chitin

3.1.2. Unicellular(yeast) Shape oval larger than bacteria

3.1.3. Multi cellular(molds) Shape visiable masses called mycelia

3.1.4. Reproduction Sexual Asexual

3.1.5. Nutrients solutions of organic materials

3.1.6. Slime molds have similarity with the amoebas

3.2. Protozoa

3.2.1. Reproduction Sexual Asexual

3.2.2. Nutrients Photosynthesis Absorption parastic free entities

3.2.3. Locomotion Pseudopods Flagella Cilia

3.3. Algea

3.3.1. Cell wall Cellulose

3.3.2. Reproduction Sexual Asexual

3.3.3. Nutrients photosynthesis

3.3.4. provide oxygen and carbohydrates