Virtual Reality On Game Console

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Virtual Reality On Game Console by Mind Map: Virtual Reality On Game Console

1. Applications

1.1. X-box 360

1.2. wii

2. History

3. Definition

3.1. What is VR?

3.1.1. Computer technologies that generate realistic sensations, like images and sounds via software that replicate a real environment

3.1.2. Simulate a user's physical presence in this environment

3.2. What is video game console?

3.2.1. A device to connect our TV and enable us to play games by a controller.

4. Introduction

5. Advantages

5.1. A game console is cheaper than a fully-loaded computer

5.2. Load games faster than PCs

5.3. Easy to connect to the TV

5.4. Easy to set up and use it ( just "plug and play"

5.5. Game systems almost allow multiple players

6. Disadvantages

6.1. Higher Production Cost. The total cost of the machinery to create a VR system is still the same price as a new car, around £13,000.

6.2. Not well developed. Programmers are still grappling with how to interact with virtual environments.

6.3. May uplift the number of those who wish to escape real life