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Adobe Target by Mind Map: Adobe Target

1. Reporting

1.1. Sources

1.1.1. Target Metrics & Goals Conversion Viewed a page Viewed an mbox Clicked an element Revenue Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) Average Order Value (AOV) Total Sales Orders Engagement Page Views Custom Scoring Time on Site

1.1.2. Adobe Analytics

1.2. AMC Audiences

2. Activity Workflows

2.1. A/B Test

2.1.1. Traffic Allocation Manual Auto-Allocate 80% exploiting / 20% exploring Only New Visitors are allocated Start allocating after minimum of 1,000 visitors and 50 conversions A4T is not supported Auto-Target model are rebuilt every 12 hours experience does not change within a session experience may change in different sessions conversion-based or revenue-based metric (RPV) A4T is not supported

2.1.2. Reporting Source Target Analytics

2.2. Multivariate Test

2.2.1. Full Factorial

2.3. Experience Targeting

2.3.1. Reporting Source Target Analytics

2.4. Automated Personalization

2.4.1. Algorithm Random Forest Lifetime Value Residual Variance

2.4.2. Reporting Target

2.5. Recommendations

2.5.1. Criteria & Design

2.5.2. Reporting Target Analytics

2.6. Site Search & Merchandising

3. Setup

3.1. Visual Experience Composer (VEC) vs. Enhanced Experience Composer (EEC)

3.1.1. IFRAME vs. Proxy

3.1.2. Dependent on library on site vs. Independent

3.1.3. Standard requires browser to work w/ mixed content

3.2. Implementation Library

3.2.1. at.js Compatible with AEM 6.2 and higher Recommended version Compatible w/ SPA Incompatible with AEM Improves page-load times Works asynchronously

3.2.2. mbox.js Old version Compatible with AEM

3.3. Hosts & Environments

3.4. Passing params to a Global mbox

3.5. Revenue parameters

3.6. Enterprise User Permissions

4. Where to use

4.1. Web

4.2. Mobile app

4.3. Non-JS Implementation (Email, Images)

4.4. Other w/ JS/HTML

4.5. As a Redirector

5. Offerings

5.1. Target Standard

5.2. Target Premium

5.2.1. Auto-Target

5.2.2. Automated Personalisation

5.2.3. Recommendations

5.2.4. Enterprise User Permissions (properties & workspaces)

5.2.5. API

5.3. Site Search & Merchandising