7 Aspects of Civilization

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7 Aspects of Civilization by Mind Map: 7 Aspects of Civilization

1. Sumeria

1.1. Government and Leaders

1.1.1. Governed the city-states the city states' kings formed dynasties

1.1.2. War chiefs began to rule as kings Priests also had a high level of respect

1.2. Geography and Agriculture

1.2.1. Little rain fall in sumeria. Used different methods to control water Made irrigation systems. Dug basins to store rainwater

1.2.2. A flat swampy region Well suited for agriculture

1.3. Social Structure and Family Life

1.3.1. Top of the social structure Kings, priests, and their agents

1.3.2. Second in social structure Large landowners and wealthy merchants

1.3.3. Third in social structure Majority of Sumeria; artistans, farmers, and laborors

1.3.4. Bottom of social structure Slaves

1.4. Arts and Education

1.4.1. learned geometry to build temples and other building Their writing were called cuneiform

1.4.2. made statues with large open eyes Also would make small objects out of ivory

1.5. Economy and Trade

1.5.1. traded with people across Southwest Asia and beyond Wood Metal

1.6. Religion

1.6.1. Polytheism Gods controlled all natural forces. The god Enlil, ruled air and storms. Gods could bring rich harvests or raging floods. Gods had enormous power. Believed that a god protected each city-state. The Sumerians believed that the gods were like humans in many ways.

1.6.2. Priests held a high status. Initially priests governed the city-states. People built ziggurats and temples where priests and priestesses offered the gods food and drink and held ceremonies.

1.7. Science and Technology

1.7.1. Invented many knew technologies for everyday use Wheel Plow learned how to use bronze for weapons and tools

1.7.2. Developed a math system based on the number sixty

2. Shang/Zhou

2.1. Government and Leaders

2.1.1. China was ruled by a strong monarchy kings were surrounded by a court who performed rituals to keep the kingdom safe Kings appointed governors to rule distant parts of the kingdom Had a large army that was responsible for preventing rebellions. Time to time, farmers were called upon to fight in the army or work alongside slaves.

2.1.2. Chinese rulers referred to the dynastic cycle (the rise and fall of dynasties in China) to  explain the corruption of dynasties Also called the mandate of heaven.

2.2. Geography and Agriculture

2.2.1. the development of civilization in early China was aided greatly ny certain geographic features Long rivers Fertile Soil Temperature climate Isolated valleys

2.2.2. Very agricultured society Most people spent their time in the feilds tending to crops.

2.3. Social Structure and Family Life

2.3.1. Majority of society were farmers sometimes the farmers were called up to work along the slaves to build a temple or some other building

2.3.2. there was a strong monarchy the wealthy did leisure activities

2.4. Arts and Education

2.4.1. Learned how to write used pictures to represent words

2.4.2. Artists created decorative bronze vessels and objects many were used in religious rituals

2.5. Economy and Trade

2.5.1. Developed a system of money Iron was valuable

2.5.2. Made valuable items of bronze and jade. They often buried these with the dead.

2.6. Religion

2.6.1. Shang:ancestral worship offered gifts and prepared ritual meals for them

2.6.2. Shang believed in an afterlife in which a ruler would still need his riches and servants

2.6.3. Zhou believed in Confucianism and Daoism when practicing confucianism, one should express love and respect for others by practicing traditional manners and rituals, like ancestral worship Daoism encourages people to retreat from the laws of society and go for the laws of nature

2.7. Science and Technology

2.7.1. created a calender based on the cycle to the cycles of the moon

2.7.2. They built things like huge tombs, roads and canals roads and canals allowed better transportation and communication throughout China

2.7.3. Used bronze and iron Iron was strong and could be cast more cheaply the bronze Used iron weapons, which helped strengthen the Zhou army created the catapult