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Macromolecules by Mind Map: Macromolecules

1. Types

1.1. Proteins

1.1.1. Subtype of/can be made of multiple Polypeptides Made of Bonded by

1.1.2. Structures Primary Structure Sequence formed with Secondary Structure Dependent on Possible features Tertiary Structure Quaternary Structure

1.2. Lipids

1.2.1. Subtypes Fats Subtypes Steroids Phospholipids

1.3. Carbohydrates

1.3.1. Subtypes Glucose Forms Is an example of Monosaccharides Can join to form Sucrose Is an example of Glycogen Is an example of

1.3.2. Can be joined by Glycosidic linkage

1.4. Nucleic Acids

1.4.1. Subtypes DNA RNA

1.4.2. Can form Ester bonds

2. Constructed from

2.1. Monomers

2.1.1. Form Polymers Form