Act 5 Scene 2 - Extract 9

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Act 5 Scene 2 - Extract 9 by Mind Map: Act 5 Scene 2 - Extract 9

1. Context

1.1. Before this extract there has been a sword fight between Rodrigo and Cassio. Rodrigo has been killed and Cassio has been injured. The opening to act 5 scene 2, the final scene, is very still and calm, which is a contrast to the drama and action in the scene before. In this extract we hear Othello voice his opinions and thoughts about killing his wife Desdemona.

2. Blood

2.1. Othello doesn't want to ruin her perfect skin, "Nor scar the whiter skin of hers"He wants her to be perfect in death as she has only ever sinned when alive

2.2. Othello doesn't want to spill Desdemona's blood because he wants to make it look like an accident or like she died from the guilt of what she did.

3. Othello

3.1. He is unable to say what it is that she has done because the truth is too painful for him to put into words. However Othello doesn't know the cause of why he is about to kill Desdemona, he thinks it is because she has been unfaithful to him, but it is actually because it is what Iago wants and not even the audience know the full cause for Iago wanting revenge

3.2. Othello is almost unconvinced to kill Desdemona as she is beautiful and and he still loves her. He kisses her to show this love

3.3. "I will kill thee and love thee after" Othello thinks that he will be able to love Desdemona after she is dead as she will no longer be able to hurt him as he will be able to love her for her beauty instead of her personality, which he believes has failed her. Will is a modal verb and it shows determination to complete the action

4. Punctuation

4.1. Punctuation is only ever seen by the actors who will be performing the piece. There are several sezuras in this extract and many of the lines are broken by commas or other punctuation. This shows that Othello is in control and he believe that he is thinking methodically and calmly.

4.2. There are also many cases of enjambment showing a longer sentence structure.This indicated calm rational thoughts. At this moment her is in control of his anger.

4.3. After he kisses Desdemona there are more exclamation marks and the sentences are shorter and more broken. This shows that he is starting to become upset by what he is about to do and is starting to lose control of his emotions.

5. Symbolism

5.1. Rose

5.1.1. Desdemona is described a rose. This is because of her natural beauty and because Othello it attempting to come to terms with the fact that once she is dead, like a rose being picked, she can not be brought back to life.

5.2. Justice

5.2.1. Othello sees himself as justice as he feels a responsibility to kill Desdemona as she is his wife and there for his to take care of. He believes that If she isn't killed then she will only go on to cause more pain and suffering for other men.

6. Imagery

6.1. Snow

6.1.1. She has snow white skin and he doesn't want to damage it (see link to Othello). The use of snow and the colour white suggests her innocence.

6.2. Monumental alabaster

6.2.1. This was used in the making of tombs and it shows that Othello already thinks of Desdemona of being dead

6.3. Light

6.3.1. The image of light is used a lot. He wants to put out the light meaning douse the lantern then out out the light meaning to kill her. Shakespeare uses both meanings of the phrase in one line.

6.3.2. Flaming minister makes reference to a holy flame and hints to the running theme of religion through out the play.

6.3.3. "thy former light restore" means that by killing her as he later explains like a sacrifice as a pose to murder he will save her soul and remove the darkness or sin from her soul

6.3.4. "Promethean heat" was a fire that was stolen from the God's. Othello thinks that this light burns within Desdemona and as this fire came from the God's it cannot be re-lite.

6.4. Plants

6.4.1. Othello uses the image of plants to help himself understand what he is about to do and come to terms with it. Plants create a connection with nature.

7. Audience

7.1. As this is an extract from a play it was initially designed to be preformed in front of an audience. This extract would make the audience uncomfortable as they know that Desdemona is innocent. This makes the audience feel helpless. As the audience are aware that the play will conclude shortly this scene is the being of the final climax of the play. It could create many questions in the mind of the audience as to whether Desdemona will be saved. This will create a tense atmosphere in the globe

8. Why is this important?

8.1. This scene is important in the play because we see Othello's thought process right before he kills Desdemona. This allows the audience to see how Othello is coming to terms with what it about to happen, but more importantly it show the true extent of Iago's power over Othello as he is now able to see Desdemona as unfaithful without Iago stood by him feeding him thoughts or manipulation situations. The extract is the opening to the final scene of the play and so it sets the mode and atmosphere for the finale of the play.