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Tips & Tricks by Mind Map: Tips & Tricks

1. Operating Systems

1.1. Windows

1.2. Mac

1.2.1. System Preferences General Settings Use a dark theme Set sidebar icon size to small Show scroll always Desktop & Screensaver Screen saver --> 10 minutes Dock Minimize using scale effect Animate opening --> off Auto hide & show --> on Mission Control Auto rearrange spaces --> off Security & Privacy Require password --> 5 seconds after sleep/screensaver Allow apps from App store and identified devs Firewall --> on Filevault --> on Notifications Notif Center sort order --> recents by app Allow repeated calls --> on Displays Retina resolution --> Scaled for higher res Show all resolutions for external monitor Force detection of potential displays Energy Saver Sleep --> 10 Display --> 5 Trackpad Point & click More gestures iCloud Disable Enable Users & Groups Login options Accessibility Mouse & trackpad

1.2.2. Top bar Battery Show percentage

1.2.3. Finder General Show hard drive on desktop Sidebar Show "this mac" Advanced Show all file extensions Key bindings Connect to server --> CMD + K Go to folder --> CMD + Shift + G

1.2.4. Key bindings Screenshots Selection Mission control / Show all apps on space Drag window to new space Drag window to right/left of opened spaces Click on add space button in upper right App Expose / Show all windows for selected app across spaces

2. Applications

2.1. Chrome

2.1.1. Settings On startup --> continue where you left off Appearances --> always show bookmarks Privacy --> Send "do not track"

2.1.2. Extensions Adblock Lazarus OneTab The Great Suspender Trellists Trello

2.1.3. Keybindings New Tab Open last closed tab New window New private window

2.2. Web apps

2.2.1. Google Apps / GSuite Docs Document outline Email collaborators instead of sharing Always use headings Use tables for design Add links with CMD + K Spreadsheets Drive Search keywords Organization Issues Ownership Extensions Forms Scripts Calendars Mail GMail Inbox Show all possible keyboard shortcuts

2.2.2. Trello

2.2.3. Facebook

2.3. Utilities

2.3.1. Adobe Reader

2.3.2. Paint 2

2.3.3. LineIn

2.3.4. Spectacle Key Bindings Split screen Upper corners Lower corners Three cols

2.3.5. UnPn Port Mapper

2.4. Health & lifestyle

2.4.1. Flux

2.4.2. Timeout

2.5. Support

2.5.1. Teamviewer

2.6. Dev tools

2.6.1. Sublime text

2.6.2. iTerm

2.7. Communication

2.7.1. Skype

2.7.2. Telegram

2.7.3. Slack

2.7.4. HipChat

2.7.5. Discord

3. Mobile Devices

3.1. iOS

4. Home

4.1. Bedroom

4.1.1. Bed sizes