Entrepreneurial Creativity And Innovation

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Entrepreneurial Creativity And Innovation by Mind Map: Entrepreneurial Creativity And Innovation

1. Creativity Components

1.1. Motivation

1.1.1. Intrinsic person interest,desire,aspiration and passion

1.1.2. Extrinsic financial and non-financial

1.2. Knowledge

1.2.1. Formal education

1.2.2. Non-Formal education

1.3. Creative Thinking Skills

1.3.1. Capacity and Ability put existing ideas and knowledge to explore new possibilities

2. Creativity Techniques

2.1. Problem Reversal

2.1.1. View a problem in opposite angle

2.2. Lateral Thinking

2.2.1. Explore the possibility of new solutions to a problem from other perspective

2.3. Forced analogy

2.3.1. Action of making an association between two unlike things in order to obtain new insights.

2.4. Mind mapping

2.4.1. Generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas

2.5. Brainstorming

2.5.1. No criticism

2.5.2. Freewheeling

2.5.3. Quantity of ideas is desired

2.5.4. Combination and Improvements

2.6. Attribute Listing

2.6.1. Problem is broken down into smaller part and analysis is made

3. Type of Innovation

3.1. Synthesis

3.1.1. Combination of existing concepts and factors into a new formulation or use

3.2. Duplication

3.2.1. Creative replication of an existing concept

3.3. Extension

3.3.1. New use or different application of an already existing product,service o process

3.4. Invention

3.4.1. Creation of a new product, service or process

4. Innovation Process

4.1. Conception

4.1.1. Requirement analysis

4.1.2. Idea generation

4.1.3. Idea evaluation

4.1.4. Project planning

4.2. Implementation

4.2.1. Development/ Construction

4.2.2. Prototype development

4.2.3. Pilot application

4.2.4. Testing

4.3. Marketing

4.3.1. Productions

4.3.2. Market launch and penetration

5. Barriers to Creativity

5.1. Personal Belief

5.1.1. Belief that  not creative

5.2. Over- Management

5.2.1. Hectic working environment does not provide space worker to be creative

5.3. Fear of Criticism

5.3.1. Afraid other people critique their ideas

5.4. Stress

5.4.1. Facing extraordinary demand,constraints about their ability to handle the task effectively