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ExamTreat by Mind Map: ExamTreat

1. Research

1.1. Issue

1.1.1. Examination; distraction during examination week Students often distracted by social media, technology (gadget and game) during examination period.

1.2. Objective

1.2.1. To help the students keep focus during exam week

1.2.2. To enhance the student's motivation

1.2.3. To help parents keep students on the track

1.2.4. Responsible Group Members: Shada

1.3. Method

1.3.1. Online Survey Get 30 respondent by using Google Docs

1.3.2. Poll Question Try to get as many respond as we could by using Twitter and Facebook

1.3.3. Responsible Group Member: Khairul

1.4. Target Audience

1.4.1. Students

1.4.2. Teachers

1.4.3. Parents

1.4.4. Responsible Group Member: Aimi

2. Apps Details

2.1. Exam tips

2.2. Music

2.3. Motivation

2.4. Dua'

2.5. Timetable

2.6. Exam Lock