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Cranium Wow by Mind Map: Cranium Wow
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Cranium Wow


To finish the game

Around the "Cranium Central" space in the center of the board are four black spaces, each with the name of one of the decks on it. Before a team can go into Cranium Central, they must collect one card from each deck by moving around these spaces.

How to play

The first team must roll the colour die to choose a category (blue creative cat, yellow word worm, green star performer and red general knowledge


2-4 Teams, each must have more than 2 people


1 colour die

4 boxes of questions and activities


4 counters (with attachable headgear)

4 pencils

4 drawing pads

Cranium clay

Club Cranium

If a club cranium card is withdrawn from a category everyone must compete in an activity