Cranium Wow

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Cranium Wow by Mind Map: Cranium Wow

1. Activities

2. To finish the game

2.1. Around the "Cranium Central" space in the center of the board are four black spaces, each with the name of one of the decks on it. Before a team can go into Cranium Central, they must collect one card from each deck by moving around these spaces.

2.1.1. Once they have completed one of each activity and gained the cards the other teams must pick an activity for them to complete. If they do they win the game but if they don't they have to wait until their next go to try again.

3. How to play

3.1. The first team must roll the colour die to choose a category (blue creative cat, yellow word worm, green star performer and red general knowledge

3.1.1. If they complete the activity before the timer runs out they roll again and advance to the nearest space of that colour (on Fast Track)or the next planet cranium if they roll purple. if they don't complete the first activity they take the 'scenic route' after their next completed activity

4. Rules

4.1. 2-4 Teams, each must have more than 2 people

4.1.1. Each team chooses a counter. The team that goes first is the one that contains the person with the next birthday Other rules involving one of the activities are specified on the cards

5. Equipment

5.1. 1 colour die

5.2. 4 boxes of questions and activities

5.3. board

5.4. 4 counters (with attachable headgear)

5.5. 4 pencils

5.6. 4 drawing pads

5.7. Cranium clay

6. Club Cranium

6.1. If a club cranium card is withdrawn from a category everyone must compete in an activity

6.1.1. Whichever team wins the activity gets to roll and advance