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Shang/Zhou by Mind Map: Shang/Zhou

1. Geography and Ariculture

1.1. long rivers

1.2. fertile soil

1.3. temperate climate

1.4. isolated valleys

2. Religion

2.1. zhou

2.1.1. confucsim

2.1.2. douism

2.2. shang

2.2.1. tombs with vauleable items

2.2.2. anscestor worship

2.2.3. ask bones for advice

2.2.4. priests read oracle bones

3. Science and Technology

3.1. Science

3.1.1. The Shang had a very precise calendar

3.1.2. They created the first coin in China

3.2. Technology

3.2.1. Developed Iron tools which were stronger, cheaper and easier to make than bronze tools.

4. Social Structure and Family

4.1. confucius/treat other humainly

4.2. love/respect is big

4.3. confucism is more of a social structure rather than a religion

4.4. daoism improved society

5. Government and leaders

5.1. monarchy

5.1.1. kings to courtship

5.1.2. elite were the only ones that had time to rule

5.2. mandate of heaven

5.3. appointed governers to rule distant parts of country

5.4. large army

6. Economy and Trade

6.1. Economy

6.1.1. Iron was the backbone of the Zhou economy

6.1.2. Had the world's first system of money, used coins

6.2. Trade

6.2.1. Traded iron for food and other items

6.2.2. Made decorative pieces of Jade and bronze to trade

7. Arts and Education

7.1. Arts

7.1.1. Highly decorative

7.1.2. Wealthy made bronze and jade

7.2. Education

7.2.1. Early Shang texts used pictures/symbols to express ideas