Stanley Li – Winning in China, a different world

Stanley Li on "Winning in China, a different world" at the TEDx SanFrancisco conference 2016.

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Stanley Li – Winning in China, a different world by Mind Map: Stanley Li – Winning in China, a different world

1. Stanley Li

1.1. Founder DXY

2. Example Street Food "Roasted Potatoes"

2.1. QR codes for mobile payments

2.2. 50 cent off by using mobile payments

2.3. We don't have to carry cash

3. Example WeChat

3.1. Doubled to 800 Mio. users in just two years

3.2. People use WeChat voice messaging instead of calling

3.3. WeChat is already used in all different types of businesses

4. Differences

4.1. 9a6

4.1.1. Work 9am to 9pm

4.1.2. 6 days a week

4.2. You need to be very fast

4.3. Everything that can be replicated in China, will be

4.4. Things are getting challenging

4.4.1. You need speed

4.4.2. You need grid

4.5. Running promotions with low tech

4.5.1. Helping people on the streets to download their apps

4.5.2. Give away free goodies

4.5.3. Helping taxi drivers to download a driver app on airports

4.6. Business cards with QR for doctors

4.6.1. Doctors see hundreds of patients a day and have no time

4.6.2. Logon on WeChat and engage with doctors that answer your questions


5.1. "Every country is a small country in our eyes"

5.2. Invest in chop sticks to use your cellphone while eating

5.3. Be like Iron Panda

5.3.1. Mix of Iron Man & Kung Fu Panda