Michael Zeisser – East and West: building the bridge

Michael Zeisser on "East and West: building the bridge" at the TEDx SanFrancisco conference 2016.

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Michael Zeisser – East and West: building the bridge by Mind Map: Michael Zeisser – East and West: building the bridge

1. Michael Zeisser

1.1. Head of Alibaba US investments Investor, entrepreneur

2. Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba)

2.1. "Every time when I talk to my english investors my employees get nervous."

2.2. I'm not easily inspired but Jack Ma inspires me

2.3. Connect the worlds for trade

2.4. For the benefits for small businesses

3. Connecting the World

3.1. US & China have the largest economies

3.2. Largest project growth in GDP by 2030

3.3. If we are connecting the world, China has to play a big part.

3.4. China gets more and more important

3.5. 4 out of the Top 10 Internet Companies are already in China

3.6. When the consumer wants to spend the economy grows

3.6.1. China's middle class is joining the club

3.6.2. China's private consumption will grow by 55% (the full consumption of Germany) in 5 years

3.7. Building bridges offers tremendous opportunities but nothing good can be achieved easily

4. China Today

4.1. It may not be what you think

4.2. Very modern economy

4.3. Total transformation in the past 25 years

4.4. China is modern, tech-savvy and commercial

4.5. China's entrepreneurs are driven the same as in Silicon Valley

4.6. China is not a copycat country

4.7. China is ahead to the west in mobile communications (by 3-5 years)

5. Differences in China

5.1. Different needs

5.2. Most sites look very cluttered, confusing until now

5.3. E.g. Apps

5.3.1. Apps in the Western World are made to do one thing really good

5.3.2. Apps in China are made to do almost everything and keep on adding new fields

5.4. Different Business Culture

5.4.1. Chinese Business People spend a lot of time hanging out with each other

5.4.2. "Nobody in Silicon Valley has invite me ever to have a foot massage after a business meeting"

5.4.3. Chinese culture is very respectful When people don't know you they are very afraid to offend you Reveal the REAL YOU and BUILD TRUST Dinners Karaokes Foot massages

6. Which approach does work?

6.1. Build a bridge with 4 pillars

6.2. 1. The Explorer

6.2.1. Instead of having a conquer approach.

6.2.2. Find the opportunity to add value.

6.2.3. Chinese businesses are incredibly hungry for new services and products from the west.

6.2.4. Help them connect to the West.

6.3. 2. Travel Light

6.3.1. Leave the baggage at home.

6.3.2. Please do not assume you know how business works over there.

6.3.3. Have the courage to "unlearn" what you know.

6.3.4. Whatever you do in the West will be needed to change to work in China.

6.4. 3. Foundations

6.4.1. Shared expectations of parties that want to work together

6.4.2. Realistic expectations

6.4.3. No Misunderstandings

6.4.4. Saying "no' all the time

6.5. 4. The Outsider

6.5.1. It helps to be an outsider because we behave like a guest

6.5.2. Behave on your best behavior

6.5.3. Be respectful