Ashok Goel – A Teacher's Assistant named Jill Watson

Ashok Goel on "A Teacher's Assistant named Jill Watson" at the TEDx SanFrancisco conference 2016.

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Ashok Goel – A Teacher's Assistant named Jill Watson by Mind Map: Ashok Goel  –  A Teacher's Assistant named Jill Watson

1. Ashok Goel

1.1. School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology Professor Computer Science

2. There are Online Courses with 100.000 students

2.1. Missing Teaching Assistant

2.2. Can we have personal attention at scale?

3. Personal Attention with AI

3.1. Same questions answered by automated teacher assistant

3.2. Identify similar questions with same meaning

3.3. Take existing Question/Answer pairs of all previous conversations

3.4. Different Categories for existing questions and automatic assigning new questions to existing categories with confidence percentage

4. Introducing Jill Watson

4.1. Students didn't know that she is not a real person

4.2. No incorrect answers, but strange answers

4.3. We didn't want to create confusion in the class

4.4. Actual forum -> Mirror forum, if answer from Jill was correct it was send to the Actual forum

4.5. Constant improving in the back

4.5.1. Now confidence rating 97%

4.6. Not all answers are perfecty correct

5. The following question came up

5.1. I'm beginning to wonder if Jill is a computer, if there is anything this class has taugh me, is that I should always question if someone I've met online is an AI or not.

6. "We had to put a delay because the answers were so fast and correct"