Fluffy's dog house

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Fluffy's dog house by Mind Map: Fluffy's dog house

1. Planning

1.1. See the dog

1.2. Meet with the clients for input

1.2.1. Ask about preferences on style and dimensions

1.3. Make blueprints for dog house

1.4. Make a budget for project

2. Building

2.1. Materials

2.1.1. Paint

2.1.2. Lumber

2.1.3. Nails

2.1.4. Shingles

2.1.5. Sandpaper

2.1.6. Tools

2.1.7. Bedding

2.2. Assembly

2.2.1. Cutting the lumber

2.2.2. Nailing pieces together

2.2.3. Sanding

2.2.4. Painting

3. Delivery

3.1. Safely deliver product to destination

3.1.1. Find a car or truck

3.2. Set up in desired location

3.2.1. Place in yard an make sure it is set in

3.3. Assess budget

3.3.1. Add up your receipts and labor costs

3.3.2. find out if project was above, below or on budget

3.4. Get feedback from customer

3.4.1. Ask for their opinion on the dog house

3.4.2. Record feedback