Assuring Alzheimer's patients take their medication

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Assuring Alzheimer's patients take their medication by Mind Map: Assuring Alzheimer's patients take their medication

1. Reliability

1.1. Notifies patient same time every day

1.1.1. Internal clock

1.2. Not affected by power outages

1.2.1. Battery backup

1.3. Can be portable if necessary

1.3.1. Battery backup

1.3.2. Small size

1.4. Patient cannot ignore stimulus

1.4.1. Loud

1.4.2. Notifies third party if notification is ignored

2. Ease of use

2.1. Does not require any prior knowledge

2.2. System can be learned quickly

2.2.1. Few steps

2.3. Easy to set up

2.3.1. Detailed instructions

2.4. Low maintenance

3. Patient Medication Adherence

3.1. Patient takes their medicine when they are supposed to

3.1.1. Provide stimulus to patient

3.2. Patient takes the correct medication(s)

3.2.1. Ability to handle multiple medications Ability to differentiate between medications

3.2.2. Store medications separate from each other

3.2.3. Dispense correct amount of medication

3.3. Patient does not run out of medication

3.3.1. Provide stimulus to patient when # of remaining doses is low

3.3.2. Ability to contact healthcare provider

4. Adoption

4.1. Affordable

4.1.1. Use low cost materials

4.1.2. Based on low tech idea

4.2. Asthetically pleasing

4.2.1. Stored in prime location

4.3. Good advertising

4.4. Support of doctors

4.4.1. Suggested with the prescription of Alzheimer's medications