Important Assignments

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Important Assignments by Mind Map: Important Assignments

1. Book Presentation

1.1. choose a book

1.2. Have book approved

1.3. Start reading once approved

1.4. Sign up for presentation date

2. Essay

2.1. Write topic proposal

2.2. Turn in proposal

2.3. Once approved start research

2.4. Write using MLA format

3. Group Project

3.1. Meet assigned group members

3.1.1. Decide meeting times, etc.

3.2. choose a topic

3.2.1. Start Research

3.3. Assign roles to each member

3.3.1. Sign up for presentation date Be ready to present on date chosen!! REMEMBER you are TEACHING the class on your topic

3.3.2. Creativity, Creativity, creaticity!!!

4. Trip to Museum

4.1. Permission slips must be turned in on time

4.2. Bring notebook and pen/pencil

4.2.1. Must take notes Will write paper after trip

4.3. Dress accordingly

4.4. Lunch will be provided

5. Tests and quizzed

5.1. Study, study, study

5.2. quizzes

5.2.1. pop quizzes Be prepared they will be surprise quizzes

5.3. Tests

5.3.1. study outline

5.3.2. ask questions This is what review day are for!

5.4. Smile, Relax, Take a deep breath