Using Personal devices as learning tools in English Class

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Using Personal devices as learning tools in English Class by Mind Map: Using Personal devices as learning tools in English Class

1. teachers beliefs

1.1. Tics as a distractor

1.2. lack of knowledge

1.3. not productively

1.4. with does not  match in class

1.5. rules

2. pilars of the study

2.1. use of personal portable devices for educational purposes

2.1.1. modeling and production, expressing opinions , sharing experiences portable vs personal devices

2.2. innovation and educational interventions

2.2.1. flexible approach to learning exposed to more gadgets and technology than was ever thought possible innovation is efforts to implement and improve, an idea practice( hannan and silver, 2000) observability, advantage, compatibility,complexity teachers main agents of change

2.2.2. innovation emerges from individual concerns or experiences

3. Methodologivcal Approach- action research- reflect and improve

3.1. planning phase

3.1.1. sample and desig activities twist on classwork, new dynamics,natural communication

3.2. participants 24 learners  communication, architecure, engineering- gastronomy, tourism

3.2.1. pre intermediate ss

3.2.2. beginners

3.3. action phase

3.3.1. molding routines of use of devices  in class

3.3.2. induccion week--get familiar and acquaintance with the tools

3.3.3. constraints with wi-fi

3.4. action phase

3.4.1. sites and applications merriam webster dictionary socrative- effective classroom engagement teacher interaction edmodo academic facebook an easy way to get your students connected so they can safely collaborate, get and stay organized, and access assignments, grades, and school messages

3.5. data collection

3.5.1. field notes supervision - descriptions- details events.

3.5.2. photos students reactions

4. Background

4.1. two classes in a private university in mexico

4.1.1. texted, tweeted, updated facebook,

4.1.2. only for fun

4.1.3. chat a good way to interact- social networks

4.2. ICT will pass quickly

4.2.1. Define actions as necessary

5. Why this project

5.1. rugulations

5.1.1. ambiguous, indiferent

5.2. students do not care too much about rules

5.3. constant use of devices

5.4. coworkers see the need.  create culture using devices

6. outcomes

6.1. constructive use of portable devices in ELT

6.1.1. edomo as good way to intract- some couple continued diverting practices

6.1.2. practicallity and convenience taking photos intead copying

6.1.3. Duration

6.2. student learning and use of the target language throught devices

6.2.1. use of monolingual dictionaries, no  traslation- coganates and familiar word

6.2.2. use english to communicate themselves and work collaborative commets- reflections but some did not follow interesting

6.3. Requirements

7. conclusions

7.1. contexts demands

7.1.1. connectivity internet

7.1.2. increase in sales of devices and owners

7.1.3. continuous TICS advances

7.1.4. teachers  conflicts change

7.2. challenges

7.2.1. both questions were answerd

7.2.2. foster auonomy and encouraging

7.2.3. recommendations resources skillful keep going taking advantage of these portable devices

8. How can personal portable devices be used efficiently and constructively while students are doing innovative class activities according to the English language program for UVM?, and, How does this usage impact students’ learning and their using English in class?