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Ch. 5 by Mind Map: Ch. 5

1. Psycholinguistic Cueing Systems

1.1. Syntactic Cues

1.1.1. The grammatical structure or syntax of language

1.2. Semantic Cues

1.2.1. The meaning of words and sentences

1.3. Graphophonemic Cues

1.3.1. The visual cues of letters and print and associating them with letters, letter clusters, and corresponding sounds

2. Reading_Readiness Activities

2.1. Physical Development

2.2. Large Motor Development

2.3. Fine Motor Coordination

2.4. Cognitive Development

2.5. Visual Discrimination

2.6. Auditory Discrimination

3. Environmental Print

3.1. Logos

3.2. Food Labels

3.3. Road Signs

4. Developing Sight Words

4.1. High-frequency words as sight words

4.2. Word Walls

4.3. Language Experience Approach (LEA)

5. Phonemic Awareness

5.1. Rhymes

6. Phonological Awareness

6.1. Segmenting

6.2. Blending words together using onsets and rimes

7. Teaching Alphabet Letters

7.1. Explicit teaching

8. Teaching Phonics

8.1. Consonants

8.1.1. first teach f, m, s, t, and h. Then teach l, d, c, n, g, w, p, r, k. Then teach j, q, v, x, y, and z.

8.2. Vowels

8.2.1. teach short vowels first, then teach long vowels.

9. Concerns about Phonics

9.1. Lots of words have exceptions

9.2. Dialects pose a problem