Business letters

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Business letters by Mind Map: Business letters

1. types of writing

1.1. statistical

1.1.1. Relies on #'s read and describe what is happening defend or review how can be improved on

1.2. Legal

1.2.1. neutral language does not use any personal wording calculated wording

1.2.2. binding what is within my power what is within the law

1.2.3. exact wording legal jargon no slang

1.3. personal

1.3.1. emotional can be on personal level match tone of who you are writing to

1.3.2. range in vocabulary can use slang can use personal words like feel, think.

2. Who are you writing to

2.1. representative/supervisor

2.1.1. monthly #'s how it impacts you/ your team goals progress

2.1.2. company updates Promotion opportunities upcoming events current events

2.2. customer

2.2.1. billing Sending bills providing confirmations of payments

2.2.2. documents Proof of insurance specific records needed

2.3. management/corporate

2.3.1. Monthly/yearly #s how the #'s impact service as a whole impact on the company as a whole

2.3.2. future plan/goals what are the expectations for next year how to achieve those goals

3. How to look at the writing

3.1. messaging

3.1.1. providing defense or defending policy taking the legal approach with the  customer in mind taking legal approach with the company in mind

3.1.2. encouragement/disciplinary where are you and where can we improve what is wrong and where you need to improve

3.1.3. informational what are the #'s today what has been changed in the company/processes