2.4 Planning a Presentation      Self Motivation thru Adversity

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2.4 Planning a Presentation      Self Motivation thru Adversity by Mind Map: 2.4 Planning a Presentation      Self Motivation thru Adversity

1. Muhammad Ali                          Maintained Self Motivation thru Adversity

1.1. Motivational Speaker

1.1.1. Very Powerful Speaker

1.1.2. Uses hand gestures, tempo control, voice inflection, and facial expressions

1.2. Heavy Weight Champion

1.2.1. Dedication to a cause and the accomplishment of his goals

1.2.2. With as much racism going on at this time he still found a way tomotivate him self to a level that earned him the Heavy Weight Championship Belt.

1.3. Religious Convictions

1.3.1. Being an African American Muslim must have been difficult but that is what he  chose to do and he stood by that.

1.4. Sparkline for his Speach

1.5. Techniques he used

1.5.1. H.A.I..L?

1.6. Refusal to serve in the Military

1.6.1. I do not agree with him on this stance but it was a choice that he made and stood by it. Some times in this life you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

2. Richard Chatman                      Maintained Self Motivation thru Adversity

2.1. My conviction and belief in the U.S Military is as strong as Muhammad Ali's conviction not to serve.

2.2. All thru my life I have been fighting one way or another just like him from the streets, to the class room and during my time as a service member

2.3. I will be using the H.A.I.L technique

2.4. I am going to have a short beginning and transfer between what is and what could be on a rapid basis and have a long ending.

2.5. I grew up poor, around a lot of racist people, gangs and drugs

2.6. I graduated high school and College

2.7. I found an outlet thru a summer camp called Camp Jack Hazzard

2.8. I got hired at NOS Communications in Las Vegas Nevada thru persistence. It was here that I learned how to present ideas to people that would cause them to act on the request to increase sales

3. Techniques

3.1. Sparkline

3.1.1. Begining Not enough people understand how to motivate and inspire your peers. By paying attention to Muhammad Ali you will learn how to inspire others through your convictions.

3.1.2. Call to Adventure I challenge you to find someone anyone that has a completely different view than you and inspire them even though you do not agree with them.

3.1.3. S.T.A.R Moment Self Motivation thru Adversity will guide you to success. Muhammad Ali went round and round with adversity and still found success. I have experienced racism, gang violence, being poor but still I rose because of self motivation. The moment when I realized that all I had to do is change my mind and I could change the world.

3.1.4. Middle Contrast between what I have experienced in my life as a reflection to what Muhammad Ali experienced How are we different and how are we the same. What can we do to pass on a legacy of highly self motivated individuals.

3.1.5. Turning Point 2: Call to Action We need to create a better world. One where people have the objective of bettering mankind not trying to better ones race.

3.1.6. End Describe the world where everyone is out to motivate and inspire individuals to develop new innovations to better mankind as a whole. Explain what you have done in your life that has inspired the people around you and tell the audience of any  success stories that you directly affected By spreading the message that we are all in this together and that motivation is a universal need to all cultures I hope that I can show that no one cares what your beliefs or convictions are as long as you do not try to stop them from achieving their goals

3.2. H.A.I.L

3.2.1. Honesty

3.2.2. Authenticity

3.2.3. Integrity

3.2.4. Love

3.3. Slides to display ideas and to link the audience to what is and what could be.

4. Dicussion points

4.1. Share what you know

4.1.1. Don't keep inspiration or motivation a secret even if others are telling you to stop you have a duty to pursue life and liberty

4.1.2. Know yourself and what it is that you believe in and then stand for it

4.1.3. If all you know how to do is follow the crowd then show how that has effected you and recognize that it is OK to be a follower if you are OK with it.

4.1.4. Do not wallow in self pity. Understand that adversity is going to always be there so all that matters is how you respond and recover

4.1.5. Education is the key to understand how and when to stand for a cause that is inflicting people with adversity

4.2. Believe in yourself and your principles without demeaning or belittling your audience. The audience is the Hero you are just the mentor

4.2.1. I want to show how people of different opinions and beliefs can communicate effectively without it turning in to a cat fight.

4.2.2. When Muhammad Ali was drafted he stood his ground and actually took prison time over going to war.

4.2.3. His natural ability to motivate and inspire millions of people was an exceptionally rare gift.

4.2.4. Everyone needs to realize that we are all different and we have different faiths and different morals but we all can still inspire others to become greater than the are.