A presentation on myself

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A presentation on myself by Mind Map: A presentation on myself

1. Audience - The reason why this is important because you don't want to prepare a presentation for a room full of business man and present it to a room full of kids. It's not going to have the same impact, because you might go over kids heads with big words. So that means I need to keep it engaged toward record labels because thats my target audience.

1.1. Universal Republic

1.1.1. Whos incharge Monte Lipman - Age:50 - From Brooklyn, New York City

1.2. Bad Boy Records

1.2.1. Whos incharge Sean Combs- Age:46 - From Harlem, New York Sean "Diddy" Combs first nickname came from his childhood personality. Whenever he got mad as a kid, he used to always huff and puff, he told Jet magazine. "I had a temper. That's why my friend started calling me Puffy." Puff Daddy founded named Bad Boy Entertainment? He named it Bad Boy, because he wanted to go against the grain, he said. "Not negative, I just didn't want to be regular. I didn't want to just make records, I wanted to make history."

1.3. Def Jam

1.3.1. Whos incharge CEO:Steve Bartels - Founder: Rick Rubin - Age:53 - From Long Beach, New York

1.4. Epic Records

1.4.1. Whos incharge L.A. Reid - Age:60 -

2. Power of 3

2.1. Beginning

2.1.1. Introduction before power point (Opening sentence) My Name and who I am - My name is Elijah Miller and I am Music Producer Specialty and Vaule - I am well verses in more then one genre of music. I've studied jazz, hip-hop, classic, funk, gospel, and raggae. Also I am good with business, and numbers. Even If..........- Even If you're having trouble trying to mix genres of music, I'm your guy. Make your S.T.A.R. quote your main topic

2.2. Middle

2.2.1. Why should you hire me The reasons why we should hire you (make sure it's in relevance to the job description) Education Employment Skills F.A.B. Feature - Fixed skill Advantage Benefit - Target anti-genre or people that only listen to one genre of music. With a person that has experience in more then one genre I can help you reach the audience that you never thought you could touch. I can help put together a social media team that would help put your record label on the map. Also, as far as business I can help put together a team that will help bring in money outside of music. Like building a music store world wide and also a gift shop or sell online merchandise.

2.2.2. Discuss what you have to offer the company and how it's going to benefit them in the long run.

2.3. End

2.3.1. Close off the presentation with persuasion.

2.3.2. Thank them for listening and hope they have a blessed

3. Ideas for Presentation

3.1. Get audience active get them dancing. Just to keep audience engaged ask them questions. Such as, "on a scale from 1 to 10 what are your chances that you would hire me"

3.2. Making a presentation world inside of a DAW or my computer. It honestly will be fun thing todo but it will take some time. I was thinking about talking to someone deep into game design because they could probable help me with making this.

3.3. Bring a instrument and play it

3.4. Do a slideshow presentation with me talking. This is really my plan B because It is basic and simple but I will just have to show my creativity but anding music and videos.

4. S.T.A.R. & Message my message is a "Repeated Sound Bite". I'm just showing people that what ever environment you put me in I will promise that you will feel good about yourself. If you didn't smile then you left wiser.

4.1. Elijah Miller + = A smile and positivity

4.2. "When life hands you lemons, make a lemon cocktail"

5. Obstacle

5.1. Not exciting ideas. This is something that I struggle with throughout life. I come up with great ideas but I never end unmaking my ideas a reality.

5.1.1. I have to realize that not one will understand how creative I am if I don't excite my ideas. I just have to take advantage of my resources.

5.2. Time. I have todo this just in time to submit it. So I can lead to rushing and then handing in crap work.

5.2.1. To fix this. I just have to take my time working on this presentation. Also take my time presenting because people don't understand someone who rushes.

6. Story telling

6.1. Tell story of how I got into music. When I was younger I had a hard to hearing and because of that it was effect my education. I want to the ear doctor and come to find out that I had an ear infection and that I was going def. After 4 long years of going through 2 long surgeries. My hearing was good and because of that I found my love in music.

7. Tools

7.1. If I choice todo the power point. I might use a google docs, iMovie, keynote and then I'll use linda.com to help fancy it up.

7.2. If I choice plan A with the presentation in my DAW or laptop then I might need to reach out to a person in game design to help me out with that. However, if I do it by myself I well use iMovie and get some help from linda.com.