Why Kiddo?

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Why Kiddo? by Mind Map: Why Kiddo?

1. Problem

1.1. Re target back the customer

1.2. $$ for High Quality Diapers

1.2.1. Cons: Not many ppl have money for high quality diapers Teach ppl most effective way to get high quality diapers with lower cost

1.3. Article/ Blog: Top 5 baby must use items

1.3.1. the importance of baby diapers

1.4. Create own blog

1.4.1. make ppl believe our product is high quality product creating interest read that lead (CLICKSSSS) to our product Retarget Sell within Article

2. Regular Ads

2.1. FB ads

2.1.1. Blog

2.1.2. Product

2.1.3. PPE Ads= ENGAGEMENT (80-120 likes with RM10) Website Click (Blog) Website Conversion (Product)

2.2. Instagram

3. Add more product

3.1. Aliexpress

3.1.1. eco friendly Reusable Waterproof Bamboo Charcoal Nappy Bamboo Charcoal Cotton cloth diapers Inserts Nappy

3.1.2. Nappy Related Product Swimwear for Boys&Girls Reusable Board Short Trunks Baby Swim Diaper

3.1.3. Baby Care Products

3.2. Dropshipping product

3.2.1. be the middle person between seller and customer when ppl order you fill the order from the supplier and direct shipping to the customer you earn the price gap between

4. FB Ads

4.1. Paid post engagement

4.1.1. Create a post on your page and put your article on your page

4.2. Website Click

4.2.1. Boost your post for click once you have engagement on your post

4.3. Website Conversion

4.3.1. Use targeting for conversion/sales

4.3.2. Have you hook product run on COLD Traffic