Empathy Map Technology Service Provider 2015

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Empathy Map Technology Service Provider 2015 by Mind Map: Empathy Map Technology Service Provider 2015

1. Think/Feel

1.1. I have a sore neck and eyes

1.2. How is our capacity model going to keep pace with all of this?

1.3. How do we compete with all this free stuff?

1.4. Information skills need to be improved to keep pace

1.5. How can we collaborate better?

1.6. What are they doing in schools?

1.7. Shared services have/haven't worked (we still can't guess)

1.8. What new market forces are driving us

1.8.1. Will Apple/Sky/BBC publish everything

1.8.2. Will anyone access services not from big suppliers

1.9. We have to integrate/federate with lots more partners

1.10. how do we manage a lifelong relationship and services for our learners?

2. Say/Do

2.1. Use our phone for everything

2.2. Video conferencing and video capture normal

3. Gain

3.1. Seamless wireless with large bandwidth capacity

3.2. No keys

3.2.1. single device for identity and access

3.3. Interactive chalkboard

3.4. No more version control or backups

3.5. 3D

3.6. Single space management solution

3.7. Even more mixed use space

3.8. Work with smaller enterprises/developers for smaller projects/functionality

3.9. More content aggregation

3.10. Micropayments

3.11. Open access/alternative publishing models

4. Pain

4.1. Noise control - still not resolve

4.2. Space still isn't right - mixed use spaces are gimmicks not established

4.3. Energy usage

4.4. Licensing

4.5. Part time and flexible options

4.6. Car parking

4.7. User centered IDs/multiple IDs

4.8. Content promotion and distribution

4.9. Cross federation/vo analytics

4.10. New node

5. Hear

5.1. Work with lots more federations/virtual organisations

5.2. More in work/in situ delivery

5.3. More ability to deliver internationally

5.4. Do not leave your PC on

5.5. Device batteries need to last longer

5.6. Energy not content is an obstacle

6. See

6.1. Everything is in one place

6.2. One device

6.2.1. At Home too?

6.2.2. Personal device used for work

6.2.3. One device does everything

6.3. Lots of free content

6.4. All the information, contacts and schedule I need for my day in one place

6.4.1. Adaptive

6.4.2. Contextual

6.4.3. I only see the information I need to see

6.5. charging stations and wireless electricity

6.6. Predictive dock or start menu

6.7. A very different and converged communications toolset

6.8. Lots of electronic content

6.9. Zones rather than offices or rooms

6.10. Everything runs on Sungard platforms!

6.11. Less cash