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Happiness by Mind Map: Happiness

1. Mentally

1.1. Have a positive mindset

1.1.1. Don't ponder on a bad day or bad practice Think of how proud my family will be

1.2. Surround myself with people who are optimistic

1.3. Have a stronger mindset

1.3.1. Don't let little stuff get to me Keep a smile on my face Fake it until I make it

1.3.2. Don't let anyone have the control to change my happiness

2. With School performance

2.1. Create relationships with each professor

2.1.1. Don't sleep in class

2.1.2. Avoid being on my phone during class

2.1.3. Make an effort to communicate with each professor so they know I care about their class Schedule 1 appointment every week with a different professor.  Just to get to know them

2.2. Have a 3.9 GPA by the end of this semster

2.2.1. Study 2 hours each MWF

2.2.2. Complete ALL extra credit assignments Even if they are time consuming

2.3. Utilize all resources on campus

2.3.1. Use the writing center for each esaay No matter how big or small Make an appointment ahead of time

2.4. Don't wait until the last minute to complete assignments

2.4.1. Make sure each assignment is noted on my calendar so I will not be "surprised" by upcoming due dates

2.4.2. Don't spend spare time watching Netflix Never too early to get ahead

3. Staying Healthy

3.1. Using rehabilitation after an intense practice/workout

3.1.1. Ice bath 4 times a week

3.1.2. Use space book 3 times a week

3.1.3. If necessary, use stem treatment once a week

3.2. Exercising everyday except Sunday

3.2.1. Get shots up before 6 am practices (2 times a week)

3.2.2. If nothing else is on schedule, stay after practice and work on dribbling

3.2.3. Push myself, even when I think I'm too tired

3.3. Making sure my weight doesn't go over 130

3.3.1. Only drink 3 sodas each week

3.3.2. Limit myself to 3 cheeseburgers a week

3.3.3. Check my weight once every 2 weeks

4. Spirtually

4.1. Attend Church @10 am each Sunday

4.1.1. Attend mass @9 pm if I miss early service

4.1.2. Go to Church, no matter what happens the night before

4.2. Pray when I wake up each morning

4.2.1. Before I get dressed, pray and thank God for all He has done for me

4.3. Trust in His plan

4.3.1. Realize that God wouldn't put you in a situation where you wouldn't be able to succeed