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Math Center by Mind Map: Math Center

1. Online Collaborative Theory

2. Math Coaches

2.1. Biweekly Meetings

2.2. Modified Curriculum/ Changes

2.2.1. In-Class Tutors Share Information With Math Coaches Online Resources Updated

3. Connectivism Theory

4. In-Class And Walk-In Tutors Assigned

4.1. At-Risk Student Identified

4.1.1. Student Referred To The Math Center Student Paired Up With Math Coach One-To-One Tutoring Sessions Established With Online Resources

5. Online Training Modules For Math Coaches

6. College Reading and Learning Association

6.1. Creation of American Sign Language Videos

6.1.1. Add Videos To BlackBoard Organization Math Coaches Invite Students Join BlackBoard Organization

6.2. Math Coaches Join Webconferencing Sessions Before School Starts

6.2.1. Use Checklist, e.g., MyMathLab For Certification

7. Professional Development Online Sessions

7.1. Instructors

7.1.1. During First Week, Instructors Show Their Group Of Students To The Math Center

7.1.2. Resources Offered Checklist: eCurriculum, MyMathLab, Syllabus, Starfish, FERPA, Technology Tools, and More

7.1.3. To Be Offered For Continuing Education Units and Other Training Opportunities

8. Blue Box: Already Established

9. Transparent/White Box: To Be Created

10. Brain Targeted Teaching

10.1. Deaf-Friendly Components

11. Social Presence Theory

11.1. Face-to-Face Tutoring With Online Resources Available (blended courses)

12. Future Beckonings

12.1. Teacher/Professional Development For Mathematics

12.2. Tutors Out-of-System/State/Country (outside USA)

12.3. Future Online Courses to Be Offered For High School Students using Webconferencing Sessions

13. Red Box: Future Creation