Persuasion by Jane Austen

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Persuasion by Jane Austen by Mind Map: Persuasion by Jane Austen

1. Anne visits her old school friend, Mrs Smith

2. Before the narrative

2.1. 1810 : Charles Musgrove & Mary Elliot's marriage (after Anne refused his proposal)

2.2. Anne Elliot & Captain Wentworth's relationship, engagement then broke-up

2.3. 1813 : Mr Smith's death & Fanny Harville's death

3. 1800 : Lady Elliot's death

4. Elliots in debt, need to rent KH and leave to Bath

5. Sister : Henrietta (married to Charles Hayter)

6. Frederick Wentworth

6.1. Captain Harville & Mrs Harville

6.2. Family

6.2.1. Brother : Mr Wentworth

6.2.2. Sister : Sophia Wentworth Husband : Admiral Croft

6.3. Friends

6.3.1. Captain Benwick Wife : Fanny Harville, died

7. Mrs Clay

8. Meaning : Austen tried to persuade the reader that love and marriage does matter and that life is about second chances

9. Characters

9.1. Anne Elliot

9.1.1. Elliot Family Dad : Sir Walter Elliot Older sister : Elizabeth Younger sister : Mary Husband : Charles Musgrove Sons : Charles and Walter Mother : Elizabeth Elliot, died Cousin: William Elliot Cousins : Lady Dalrymple & Miss Carteret

9.1.2. Friends Lady Russel, old friend of the family Mrs. Smith, old school friend

9.2. Others

9.2.1. Mr Shepard

10. Author

10.1. Jane Austen

10.2. 16/12/1775 - 18/07/1817

10.3. Born in Steventon, Hampshire, England

10.4. -Best known novels/classics => Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma

10.4.1. Went to boarding schools with sister Cassandra but both caught typhus and finished education back home. She wrote lots of novels young.

10.5. Lived with her family & sister

10.6. Never married

11. Events

11.1. Dick Musgrove served under Captain Wentworth

11.2. 1814 : Mrs Elliot's death

11.3. During the narrative

11.3.1. Anne meets again Captain Wentworth (Mrs Croft's brother)

11.3.2. Vol.1 KH rent by the Crofts He treats her like a stranger, and flirts with Louisa and Henrietta Musgrove Anne discovers that he's not in love with one of the Musgrove sisters, and Henrietta comes back with Charles Hayter Mr Elliot admires Anne when in Lyme, so does C.W. Louisa gets severely head-injured, needs a long recovery. CW feels guilty and compliments Anne for her strength

11.3.3. Vol. 2 Louisa's quick recovery Lady Russel & Anne go to Bath bc Mr Elliot is there Mr Elliot seems really to be interested in Anne, but she is suspicious over him Louise gets engaged to Captain Benwick CW gives more attention to Anne and gets jealous when he sees her with Mr Elliot Mrs Smith tells to Anne everything she knows about Mr Elliot (manipulator, cold-blooded) Anne isn't giving attention to Mr Elliot so he leaves Bath CW writes a letter to Anne to tell her he's still in love with her => she answered she has always been in love with him CW & Anne get engaged, Mrs Clay leaves Bath, Mr Elliot is shocked, and CW helps Mrs Smith with her dept

12. Historical Period

12.1. Between the Georgian and Victorian era

12.2. The Regency (1811-1820)

12.3. King George III, then Prince of Wales, Prince Regent

13. Places

13.1. Bath

13.2. Kellynch Hall

13.3. Lyme

13.4. Uppercross Manor, The Great House

13.5. Winthrop

14. Title