Christian Nazarene Academy's Mobile Learning Action Plan

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Christian Nazarene Academy's Mobile Learning Action Plan by Mind Map: Christian Nazarene Academy's Mobile Learning Action Plan

1. Challenge #2

1.1. Essential Condition: Empowered Leaders

1.2. Challenges for students

1.3. Our student body has not yet adopted a responsible digital culture. In order for mobile learning to be effective, they must learn how to become digital citizens.

1.3.1. Our students must become aware of the lasting effects of a digital reputation. Action Plan Step 1: Educate students on the effects of their digital footprint and the importance of keeping tabs on their online personna.

1.3.2. Every student should understand the importance of copyright in a digital world. They must learn to give due credit and respect copyright laws at all times. Action Plan Step 1: Educate students on copyright law and plagiarism. Teach them both the importance of crediting their sources and the ways in which they can do that. Step 2: Model proper use of creative property by emphasizing sources in class materials, worksheets, among other educational resources. Step 3: Consistently require students to credit their sources in all assignments in every class as part of their evaluation for those assignments.

2. Challenge #1

2.1. Challenges for teachers

2.2. Essential Condition: Skilled Personnel

2.3. Our technical knowledge of mobile apps is just now emerging. We must increase our knowledge and mastery of these apps to be able to purposefully select and integrate them in our classrooms.

2.4. Action Plan

2.4.1. Step 1: Curate a list of cross-platform digital tools which could be used in different subjects and at various grade levels. Evidence Finalized pool of resources for all subject matters and grade levels. Resources Each member of the VMLA team will contribute to the pool of resources according to their subject and grade level. The tech coach and administrator will cover the other subjects and grade levels. Timeline This list should be complete by the last week of October.

2.4.2. Step 2: Share these pools of digital apps with other teachers. Evidence We will share the apps either through digital means or through the use of posters. Resources The administrator and tech coach will be in charge of sharing each pool of resources with the teachers who will benefit from them. Timeline Once the curation period has expired, sharing should take place shortly thereafter.

2.5. Step 3: Offer peer coaching on the use (both technical and educational) of these resources, focusing on one app at a time, so as to not overwhelm teachers in the process.

2.5.1. Evidence Once teachers have had a chance to review the apps which were shared with them, a calendar will be created to provide one-on-one peer coaching on the app of the teacher's selection.

2.5.2. Resources The VMLA teacher who curated the tool should be the one to offer the peer coaching sessions on it.

2.5.3. Timeline These peer coaching sessions should take place in November.