Module 02

Everyone can benefit from mind mapping. The only question is, which method fits your needs best. If you love to draw and are a very haptic type of learner, paper mind maps might be best for you. But if you want to collaborate and brainstorm with others, an online mind mapping solution might be better suited.

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Module 02 by Mind Map: Module 02

1. Opening Lecture

1.1. අත්පුඩි ගැසීම

1.1.1. Can even be used by preschoolers

1.2. හිංචි පිංචි හාවා ගීතය

1.3. Box Pass

1.4. LEFT 2 Clap & Right 2 Story Build

1.5. Can easily get lost

1.6. Making changes and corrections tends to mess up the map

1.7. Size of the paper sheet limits size of the mind map

1.8. Usually, only one person can comfortably work on a map at a time

2. Activites

2.1. Announcing

2.1.1. drama

2.1.2. News Reading

2.2. Managing

2.3. Technicle

3. Programme formats

3.1. Interviewing Technics

3.2. Children Drama

3.3. Multiple users can simultaneously work on a map

3.4. Can easily be shared or published

3.5. No haptical experience

4. test 2

5. Intro

5.1. Primary Groups Identification

5.2. working Groups Identification