Africans in early US

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Africans in early US by Mind Map: Africans in early US

1. Indentured servants

1.1. Slaves

1.1.1. Goods cotton, rice, tobacco, indigo, sugar corn

1.1.2. Slavery resulted when indentured servitude was not enough and was adopted in order to control the servants and when the need for more goods required more labor

1.2. Mostly from England. Served 4-7 years of service to a master in exchange for travel to the US, shelter, food, and opportunity for owning land.

2. Emancipation Proclamation

2.1. Freedmen

2.1.1. were slaves who became free with the adoption of the EP

2.2. Issued by President Lincoln in 1863 to abolish slavery

3. US Constitution

3.1. Did not apply to blacks/slaves

4. Racism

4.1. Was rampant and magnified through the idea and inception of slavery

4.2. Manifested in different forms, especially with the EP

5. President Thomas Jefferson

5.1. Wrote letters and was outspoken about being against slavery although he himself owned hundreds

6. Antonio

6.1. AKA Anthony Johnson- was an indentured servant who managed to reach the goal of owning land, being a farmer, and even owning his own slaves

7. Africans were shipped to the US for labor. Initially with the agreement that 4-7 years of indentured service would result in an opportunity to be free to own their own land and live as they pleased just as the white people.