Creative Presentation Brainstorm

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Creative Presentation Brainstorm by Mind Map: Creative Presentation Brainstorm

1. Tools

1.1. Power Point: Graphic/Presentation Software

1.2. Camera: To show sketches/art work

1.3. Audacity: to edit and export to Power point

1.4. Possibility A Mic: To speak/capture voice into

1.5. 2D animation: To show mation skills

2. Dream Works

2.1. My audience is a well known animation place called "DreamWorks". They are looking for someone that know the foundation skills of their work area no matter what. Also, must be responsible, team player, and a good communicator. Then my personal thing that they want is to always be unique because to them everyone is a character.

3. Obstacles

3.1. Some of the Obstacles can be; Malfunction,Nervous,Not taking Me Serious,Terrible Portfolio, Not Well Informed, etc,

4. Soultion

4.1. My Solution are; Rehearsal,Note Card,Confidence,Speak Clearly and Firm,

5. Beginning

5.1. In the first 5 minute I introduce myself, where I come from and why I choose this career. Then where I study for my degree and what I learned.

6. Middle

6.1. Once I established how I got her I then begin to show of my art work. Then express my knowledge of their company and their work.Also, something the can take away is how excited and well informed I am.

7. End

7.1. I show how great an asset I can be. Why I choose and how iI can grow if they choose. Then show my work experience from the jobs I work whether it be in my field or not. Finally finish with all my contact information.

8. My Message

8.1. The Message that I wish to get across is for me art is a form of expressing emotion, bring characters to life, and Something that if I didn't love doing I would be here today.

9. Hardest Part

9.1. The hardest part for me would making sure that I can be Myself and Comfortable.