Persuasion - Jane Austen

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Persuasion - Jane Austen by Mind Map: Persuasion - Jane Austen

1. Characters

1.1. Anne Elliot

1.1.1. The Eliot Family Sir Walter Elliot Elizabeth Cousin: William Walter Elliot Marry Husband: Charles Musgrove Walter Charles friends: Lady Russel Mrs Smith

1.2. Captain Frederick Wentworth

1.2.1. Family sister: Mrs Croft Admiral Croft

1.2.2. Friends: Captain Brenwick Captain Harville

2. Places:

2.1. Uppercross

2.2. Kellynch Hall

2.3. Lyme

2.4. Bath

3. Historical Period: Regency Era (1811 - 1837)

3.1. Features

3.1.1. inegality men vs women

3.1.2. Middle class - Upward mobility

3.1.3. Women morally superior to men but not physically

3.1.4. Rise of consumerism

4. Review/ Comments

5. Author

5.1. Birth - Death

5.1.1. Birth: 16 December 1775 Stevenston - Death 18 July 1817 Winchester

5.2. Major events in her life:

5.2.1. boarding school with her sister Cassandra

5.2.2. became an accomplished dancer

5.2.3. wrote 6 novels Sense and  sensibility, Pride and prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion

5.2.4. lost her father in 1805

5.2.5. At 30 started to anymously publish her works in 1811

5.3. Major works:

5.3.1. Sense and sensibility 1811

5.3.2. Pride and prejudice 1813

5.3.3. Mansfield Park 1814

5.3.4. Emma 1815

5.3.5. Northanger Abbey

5.3.6. Peruasion 1817

6. The title

6.1. Meaning

6.1.1. Anne  is very easily influencedduring all the book but the departure of the story is when she breaks her engagement because of the point of view of Lady Russel.

6.2. Cover

6.2.1. Meaning of my cover: It could be a place in Bath were most of the events take place at the end of the book

7. Events:

7.1. Before the beginning of the  narrative

7.1.1. Anne is engaged with Captain Wenworth

7.1.2. she breaks her engagement because of Lady Russel who persuaded her.

7.2. During the narrative

7.2.1. Volume 1 Sir Walter Eliot moves to Bath (no more fortune) Anne and Mary new acquaintances

7.2.2. Volume 2 Louisa's accident Anne move to Bath and make new friends Captain Wenworth confessed his feeligs in a letter to Anne Captain Wenthworth and Anne get married