why me you ask?

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why me you ask? by Mind Map: why me you ask?

1. The hardest part about this presentation for me would be showing it to the class because I have a hard time doing presentations, on the production side of things I think its going to be hard for me to put it all together because I have never used mac and all the editing stuff before.

2. The message I want to show my audience is that we shouldn't be afraid to be our selfs and that there are a lot of people in the world who live lies because they are not being true to themselves, Most of the time the biggest this that can hold you back is yourself, In my message I'm show that I am an example, It was hard for me too do theatre as a guy its not the most masculine thing in the world and you can see what kind of impression that would give off. I stayed true to what I wanted and didn't let society bring me down and I have found that the more you worry about your own passion and your own future the quicker you will get to happiness. Not worrying about what others think really helped me reach where I am today, The people that actually love you will support you all the way through everything.

3. The career that I feel like I would benefit the most would have to be stage direction and set design. I feel that if I was picked as an employee for this career I would excel and show my area of interest to the world, I find it interesting how much I have changed over the years and how many times my idea of whatI I thought I was going to be has changed as well.

4. My illustrations will be detailed but not too detailed that it will take me forever because I don't have enough time otherwise I would, there going to be like stick figures but a little more like characters.

5. My plan for this project it to do slides of illustration with my voice narrating over the hole thing, I plan to do it like an interview style because I feel like its cool to be able to see the person while there talking. I'm going to be doing only a few angles with the camera because I want it to look clean ands sharp, it will also only be a few different ones because they will be in between the illustrations.

6. My point in all of this is that I feel I would be a vary good asset to these companies because I have a wide background and many talents that I feel like I could put to use for there production. I hope this inspiers people because I feel like I can show people that there is nothing wrong with changing your mind especially when it is helping you grow and build yourself up.

7. I entered my high school career wanting to be a graphic designer but found that I needed more in my life. I joined the drama department and started in lighting. I loved lighting and found my new passion for lighting and sound. I was in that department for three years and became the manager of the lighting and sound crew. After a while I needed more and wanted to expand myself because I knew I wasn't to my fullest potential, so I moved back stage to make myself a little more well rounded. I wanted experience in all departments. Soon I became the stage manager and was in charge of basically everything from set design and construction to costume and make up even flight and rigging. My favorite was being the set designer that is what put me where I am now.

8. I first started in middle school with art and music. I started off wanting to be a studio artist and then a piano player , I had art every year of middle school and loved it but then I moved on to wanting to be a graphic designer because i wanted to see what the drawings would look like on clothes.