Information Tecnology Management

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Information Tecnology Management by Mind Map: Information Tecnology Management

1. What is IT?

1.1. Information technology is an umbrella term that covers a vast array of computer disciplines that permit organizations to manage their information resources.

2. Evolution of IT Management

2.1. -The Data Processing Era

2.2. -Management Information Systems Era

2.3. -Information Services Era

2.4. -Information Technology Era

3. Why IT?

3.1. Information technology management is a means to make the connection between the park and recreation business and the customers served, whether those customers are in a park, city, university, or a natural preserve.

4. Information Resources

4.1. Every organization is defined by the information resources it is empowered to maintain. Information sources are the documents, files, and databases-both paper and electronic, that an organization creates and maintains in order to manage or provide services.

5. Information Types

5.1. Collected information falls into four general categories, personal information, operational information, administrative information, and departmental information.

6. IT as a Management Tool

6.1. All systems should provide reliable information to be used in management decision-making. An appropriate information system should encompass personal information, business information, and administrative information.

7. Records Management