Operating Room

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Operating Room by Mind Map: Operating Room

1. Operating Room (O.R.) Schedule

1.1. Surgeries

1.1.1. Scheduled Surgeries Patient Late patients, lack of proper prep Patient w/ Adverse Reaction or Co-morbidities Surgeries do not go as planned/on schedule Scheduling Conflict Overbooked OR Different Surgical Sub-Specialities Neurosurgery General Surgery/Vascular/Plastics Orthopedics Gynecology/Urology

1.1.2. Emergent Surgeries Trauma Surgery

2. OR Delays

2.1. Equipment

2.1.1. Malfuncation

2.1.2. Availability

2.2. Staff Preparedness

2.2.1. Surgeon

2.2.2. Anesthesia

2.2.3. Nurse

2.3. Scheduling

2.3.1. Patients

2.4. Instrumentation

2.4.1. Quantity

2.4.2. Loaner Trays Condition Received In Time Received

2.4.3. Sterilization Steam Sterrad Flash

2.5. Turn Around Time

3. High Throughput Process

3.1. Preoperative

3.1.1. Case Setup Instruments Supplies Bed OR Equipment Anesthesia Cart Medications Initial Instrument counting Initial Sponge/Supply counting

3.1.2. Patient Care Identification Preop clearance (EKG, LABS) Correct Documentation Informed Consents Establish lines, medications

3.1.3. Staffing Perioperative Nurse Scrub Technician Anesthesia signed consents Surgeon signed consents Miscellaneous Medical Equipment Reps Resident Physician Fellow Physician

3.2. Intraoperative

3.2.1. Time Out - Establish correct patient, procedure/laterality, counts, medications, start time,  introduce team members

3.2.2. Induce Anesthesia

3.2.3. Start procedure

3.2.4. Mid-procedure counts, documentation of any incidents,  documentation of implants, laterality, equipment used.

3.2.5. confirm correct procedure, sterility, counts, and patient discharge plan

3.3. Postoperative

3.3.1. Transport to PACU

3.3.2. Give PACU report

3.3.3. Deliver pathology specimens for biopsy

3.4. Turnover

3.4.1. Cleaning Staff Clean Operating Room Establish Next Procedure Equipment / Supplies in Room Establish Sterile Environment