Abu Talib Ibn Abdul Muttalib

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Abu Talib Ibn Abdul Muttalib by Mind Map: Abu Talib Ibn Abdul Muttalib

1. Signs of Prophecy

1.1. At the age of 12, Muhammad PBUH accompanied his uncle to Syria for trade

1.2. Christian monk, Bahira saw Muhammad PBUH at Busra

1.2.1. Recognized him as "MESSENGER OF ALLAH"

1.2.2. warned abu Talib about danger ahead

1.3. Abu Talib brought him back to makkah

2. delegation to abu talib

2.1. pressurized abu talib to withdraw protection from his nephew

2.1.1. warned him about serious consequences if he did not do so

2.2. worried about Prophet PBUH asked him to stop preaching

2.2.1. Prophet PBUH said 'if they place sun on my right hand and moon on my left and ask me to stop preaching, i shall not until Allah discharges me fully from this duty or I perish in my attempt."

2.3. After seeing his seeing his nephew's determination he continued supporting him

3. Boycott

3.1. socio-economic boycott of Quraish to Banu Hashim

3.2. forced to leave city of makkah and retire in a valley

3.2.1. property of Abu Talib, thus known as Shaab of Abu Talib.

3.3. Abu Talib and his tribesmen suffered great hardships

3.3.1. but Abu Talib did not withdraw his protection from Muhammad PBUH

4. Death of Abdul Muttalib

4.1. Abu Talib became the chief of Banu Hashim

4.2. He became the guardian of Prophet PBUH

4.2.1. Loved Muhammad PBUH more than his own sons

4.2.2. He used to take him for trading too.

5. Year of Grief

5.1. Khadija RA passed away

5.2. six months later Abu Talib also passed away

5.3. no more protection

5.3.1. increase in persecutions led upto migration to Madina