TWC Course Info

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TWC Course Info by Mind Map: TWC Course Info

1. Goals

1.1. Learn to be more tech savy

1.2. Explore ways to more professionally represent myself

1.3. Fully understand how to use the tools/ sites of this class

2. Course Outcomes

2.1. Rhetorical Knowledge

2.2. Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing

2.3. Processes

2.4. Knowledge of Conventions

2.5. New node

3. Virtual Cultures

3.1. Changes from 1990- 2000's: More users (geographical), Nature of use (education), Integration into everyday life

3.2. Online Identity: "real life" vs. "fantasy"

3.3. Discussion Groups: Addictive vs. Source of positive outlet (community)

3.4. Factors of the digital divide: 1. Economy/ Income 2. Education 3. Gender

3.5. Social Capital: Bonding, Linking, Bridging

3.6. Social Software: E-mail, IM, Blogging

3.7. Positives: Human communication, Virtual community, Parallel universe

3.8. Negatives: Digital divide and inequality