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Catholicism by Mind Map: Catholicism

1. The Counter Reformation started from the Protestant religion spreading.When Pope Paul III was elected the Church started to reform. There was the start to new religious orders, the priest and others working in the Church started to work with the public. They worked to run schools, help the sick and poor, and to spread the word of God they set up missions. To get rid of the corruption in the Church and send out the true message of the Church everyone was re-educated. This work caused the modern Catholic Church to emerge.

2. Ultimate Source of Authority

2.1. The pope was considered to be the descendant of Peter who was picked by Jesus to run the church. The pope was in charge of all lower levels of the church including cardinals, archbishops, bishops, monsignors, and priests. He was considered the best person to interpret the bible for all Catholics.

3. Community Life

3.1. There was a new emphasis on priests and nuns leading humble lives, doing good works and educating people about the church. Seminaries were established to better educate religious people. The church also began to end corruption and cut back on clergy's extravagant life style. Also church services were standartized.

4. Origins of the Counter Reformation

5. Rituals and Worship

5.1. Mass was performed daily in Latin, this included a reading from the Bible, a sermon and holy communion. The seven sacraments and the teachings of the bibles. Catholics have universal rituals, each time they performed these rituals they receive more grace. Larger churches were extravagantly detailed with artwork and large choirs.

6. Beliefs About Sin and Salvation

6.1. People were sinful and born with original sin. It was also sinful to live in a way that didn't follow the bible and the ten commandments. You can be saved by being obedient to God and by doing good works.