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Anglicanism by Mind Map: Anglicanism

1. there  were multiple differences between the communities of the church of England.

1.1. Members of the high church were usually wealthy and sometimes lived in old catholic Churches that had been transformed into Houses

1.2. low church communities were usually the common people.

1.3. After Henry VIII passed away, Elizabeth I states that people could choose an faith besides Anglican as long as the stayed law abiding citizens

2. Origins

2.1. Founded by Henry the VIII in 1534

2.2. When Pope Clement VII denied him an anullment to Catherine of Aragon, he asked the Parliment to decree him as the " Supreme Head on Earth of the Church of England"

2.2.1. The Parliament allowed him to England was influenced by Luther's teachings and they wanted to break from the Catholic Church

2.3. Every church was required to own an English translation of the Bible

2.4. English monasteries were destroyed

2.4.1. So were pilgrimage shrines

2.5. Presently known as the Anglican Church

3. Beliefs about Sin and Salvation

3.1. Believed that everyone was born sinful

3.2. Believed that baptism washed away sin

3.3. Justification by faith--one only needs to believe in God and have his compassion to get into Heaven

3.4. People only need to have faith in Jesus, be sorry for sins, and accept the word of the bible

4. Ultimate Source of Authority

4.1. The King of England was responsible for interpreting what the Bible really meant.

4.2. The King relied on his Archbishop for assistance, as well as on lower priests and bishops

4.2.1. The lower priests and bishops passed on the King's word about religion

4.3. Since beliefs were filtered through so many people, local priests were able to alter Anglican Christianity in their own ways

5. Community Life

6. Rituals and Worship

6.1. Two Church Services

6.1.1. "High Church Service" - similar to Roman Catholic Mass

6.1.2. "Low Church Service" - Lutheran service, preached the bible

6.2. Services were held in old Catholic Churches and Monasteries

6.2.1. All interior decorations stripped and replaced with painted white walls and the 10 Commandments

6.3. Services held in English rather than Latin

6.3.1. That way everyone could participate

6.4. Book of Common Prayer written for all Church Members

6.4.1. English translations of prayers so everyone could participate and understand.