Sustainable energy

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Sustainable energy by Mind Map: Sustainable energy

1. Renewable Energy defined

1.1. • Use energy sources that continually replenished by nature

1.1.1. sun

1.1.2. wind

1.1.3. nature

1.1.4. Earth heat

1.1.5. plants

2. Important of renewable energy

2.1. • As substitute from usage of fossil fuels

2.2. • Safety concern

2.3. • Reduces waste disposal problem

2.4. can save money and stregthen our energy security

3. Types of Renewable energy

3.1. Hydropower

3.1.1. Convert the energy in flowing water into electricity

3.1.2. “Run of the river” systems

3.1.3. no air ensions

3.1.4. reduce the power plants output

3.2. Bioenergy

3.2.1. Biomass “organic matter” plants

3.2.2. Biopower Biomass less sulfur than coal less sulfur dioxide reduces nitrous oxide emissions

3.2.3. Biofuels Easy to transport and possess high energy density “ethanol” an alcohol made from formentation of biomass high in carbhodyrates

3.2.4. Biobased Product corn wheat soybean wood residue

3.3. Geothernal Energy

3.3.1. Flows outward from the core, heating the surronding area which can form underground reservoirs of hot water and steam

3.3.2. stable temperature for heating and cooling buildings

3.3.3. types of Geothernal power plants Dry steam flash steam binary cycle

3.4. Solar Energy

3.4.1. technologies tap directly into the infinite power of the sun and use the energy to produce heat, light and power.

3.4.2. Passive Solar Lighting Modern version design no pumps fans other mechanical device used tile and brick floors to remain cool during summer Cost saving good insulation and weatherstriping

3.4.3. Solar Water Heating Consist water-heating systems solar collector water storage tank

3.4.4. Solar electricity or photovoltaic (PV) technology converts sunlight directly into electricity

3.4.5. Solar Thermal Electricity Concentrating solar power (CSP) using mirrors to focus sunlight onto a component called a receiver. technologies convert solar energy into electricity three types of CSP systems

3.5. Wind Energy

3.5.1. Wind turbine technology wind spins turbine blades around a central the hub is connected to a shaft, which powers a generator to make electricity. powers a generator to make electricity.

3.6. Hydrogen

3.6.1. reforming process application of heat to separate hydrogen from carbon.

3.7. Ocean Energy

3.7.1. two types of energy thermal energy sun’s heat Electricity conversion systems use either the warm surface water or boil the seawater to turn a turbine which activates a generator mechanical energy tides and waves electricity conversion of both tidal and wave energy.